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Shiny Purple Cap, Gown & TasselGraduation Time!
Please visit the link below to buy your child's cap, gown and tassel package. You are responsible for making this purchase. The deadline for purchase will be Friday April 28th! Get yours today! 
Cap and Gown Link
If you have any questions please see

Kindergarten Graduation 
Wednesday May 24th @9-10am
RMA New Gym. Students will be able to leave with Parents following the ceremony due to early release. There will NOT be a class end of year party due to Graduation.

Image result for birthday clip artApril 28th- April Birthday Celebration

Image result for homework clipartApril Homework is due 
April 28th 

Image result for no homework clipartNO HOMEWORK for MAY!! 

Image result for behavior clip artBehavior: Please understand that my behavior expectations are changing in preparation for 1st grade. Students now have one warning, then they will change their ladybug (which means losing points on Dojo). So far, we have changed very few colors because students had up to 3 warnings- don't be alarmed if you notice a difference in the coming weeks as they adjust to these more demanding expectations. 

lSick Bug!!!

 Please be aware of the protocol for sick students.
If your child throws up here at school, we will send them home. If your child has a fever over 100.1, your student will be sent home!
They are to be fever and throw up free for 24 hours before returning to school. This is to ensure that others are not effected and that the room can be sanitized. 
Thank you for your cooperation!

Teacher websites and the child's Daily Folder are the main forms of communication between school and home. Please make sure your child's folder is in their book bag every day. If you have any concerns, feel free to email me or call (336)229-0909 ext. 7521

Class Dojo: Please check Dojo for classroom announcements, updates on your child's behavior, or to send me a quick note.  I'm adjusting the points and warnings to best reflect the behaviors I see in class.

Lunch:  Make sure that you are paying and ordering your child's lunch at the same time. I have had some instances where there is money in the child's account, but no orders have been made.  Please be sure to check that orders and money have gone through. All orders are due online by Thursday night at midnight for the upcoming school week.  Lunch cost is $3.75 and includes a milk.  If your child does not have a lunch and has not pre-ordered they will get PB&J with chips, milk, and fruit.  

Please make sure that you are discussing with your child their lunch and transportation routine. Communicate to us any changes to your child's routine in writing. Please place on parent log in the Daily Folder. No loose notes!

Reminder: Parents if you are sending in money for anything- please label it with your child's name and what it is for (book order, t-shirt money, lunch account) so that we know where it is intended to go.

Morning drop-off: 
Parents please do not allow your kids to leave the car until 7:30. IF you have a HS or MS student at RMA they may get out at 7:20 with them. The older sibling is responsible for walking the elementary student in grades 2-5 to the cafeteria and a K-1 student to their classroom until the teacher arrives. RMA does offer morning care before 7:30am for a fee.  If your child is dropped off early on more than one occasion, they will have to attend morning care and parents will be responsible for paying the fee.

P.E. Days are Monday and Thursday: Please make sure your child is wearing tennis shoes on those days

We will have snack everyday, please send one for your child.  Due to allergies we will not provide a class snack for everyone.  We do have nut allergies in our room. 

Eating lunch with your child:   You are welcome to join us for lunch on Fridays and bring food from off campus if you want.

Absences: If you are absent, please send in a signed written/typed note (emails are not sufficient) when your child returns to school.

Class Wish List:

12 big horseshoe magnets
from Dollar Tree

Printer paper

Image result for velcro dotsAdhesive Velcro dots/circles

            Items linked below
Really Useful Boxes plastic storage 8.1L (2 please)

Really Useful Boxes plastic storage 9L (2 please)

ABC books from Oriental Trading

Community Helper Job books for the classroom library (Oriental Trading)