Vocabulary words-- Test 2/15

Vocabulary words-- Quiz - 2/8 - Test 2/15

1. (n) A curved piece of wood, stone or metal over an open space. It supports the weight above it.


1. (n) Thinking, listening, or watching carefully.


1. (n) Something given for doing well.

2. (v) To give something as a prize or a reward.


1. (v) To fall down suddenly or to cave in.

2. (v) To fold together.


(v) To destroy or tear something down.


1. (adj.) more than is needed or allowed.

2. (n) An amount that is too much or more than is needed.


1. (n) A line showing the outside edge of an object or figure.

2. A short list or plan that gives the main ideas of a longer report.


1. (n) A work of art made by shaping wood, stone, or other material into a certain form.


1. (n) A tool for digging It often has a long handle fastened to a flat metal blade.


1. (n) A tool or container that is used for a special purpose.