Vocabulary words-- Quiz 1/10 TEST 1/17

Vocabulary words-- Quiz 1/10 TEST 1/17
Week of Vocabulary (1/7-1/17)


In or on a ship, train, or airplane.




A strong wind or movement of air.


A loud noise.


To blow something up.


To go up in the air or into space.





The kind of work a person does for many years.




Careful in order to avoid mistakes, trouble, or danger.









A large, strong piece of metal or wood used to support bridges or buildings.







To make something for the first time.


A person who thinks up or makes something for the first time.




To turn in a circle around a center.


To take turns in a certain order.




A report of something that happened.


A tale that is made up. It is often written down for people to read.


The space or rooms that make up one level of a building.








One of the treads that are twisted together to make string, yard, or rope. It is also a single hair.


To leave in a difficult or helpless position.







A building or a part of a building that is taller than it is wide.


To rise high in the air.