Chelsea Murray

**Classroom News**

Week of May 8th - 12th

 I will be back from maternity leave Monday May 15th.

**Homework/spelling packets need to be turned in each Friday to be checked. The packet for the rest of the year has already been sent home.** 
This is the last week of homework

 Spelling test's every Friday.

Theme: Ocean Animals

-Poem: "Swimming in the Sea"
-Skill: Reviewing main idea, sequencing, cause/effect

Math: Topic 15(Geometry) test, Topic 16 (Fraction of Shapes).

Writing: Writing about what animal you like the best/least. comparing and contrasting two ocean animals. Creating informational poster/booklet about and ocean animal.

Spelling words for Friday's test
(S blends)
swamp, stick, spot, smack, smart, smog, swat, sport, stomp, swim.

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