Chelsea Murray

**Class News**

Classroom items still needed:
 Clorox spray & wipes, command strips, erasers, & glue sticks.

Daily Homework-
-Homework calendar assignments due every Friday. 
-take home reader books (read new book each week & return every Monday for a new one, and answer questions about the story.)
-Sight word lists
-writing practice (finger spaces between words, capital letter at the beginning, period at the end)


Author's purpose
using fiction and non-fiction stories

Science/social studies: Ocean animals


Ocean animals

Math: Topic 12

Calendar: Days of the week, month of the year, weather, counting, songs, movement. 

Sight words (these are words from their practice packet, and words we have used in class that they should all know) 
see, I,and, like, the ,to, a, can, is, my, that , you, of, in, it , we, are, will, me, come, here, said, he, she, have, as, by, for, go, look, no, on, play, they, was, up, put, all, but, at, do, your, him, her, not, big, little, am, get, some, this, down, out, or, I'm, from, be, one, who, what, when, where, why, was, or, about, very, us, because, with, eat, went, but, were, so, people, now, long, its, other, there, would, first, would, make, more, call, them, time, many, may, find, into, their, each, could, word, been, number, which, then, part, way, made, these, than, write.