Casey Gillan

Week of Januray 22nd

Fairy Tales

Poem of the Week:
Once Upon a Time

Vowel Teams (ai, oa)

Spelling Words:
red, turned, away, house, move, were, animals, again, world, mother

Module 3:Ordering and Measuring Length Measurements as Numbers. Lessons 10-13

We are focusing on remembering to write full sentences and using capitals correctly. We are also working on writing our letters neatly and smaller to fit on smaller lined paper.

Homework pages correlate with the lessons taught that day. Please do not go ahead of us. Homework sent home on Monday will be due on January 28th. 

~January 21st: No School
~February 1st: Make up day...early release at 11:30
~February 4th: Make up day...full day of school