5th Grade Expectations

What we’re learning:

The following is a general overview of what your child will be learning this year:

Math – Place value, decimals, measurements, fractions, order of operations, multiplication, division, data, volume

Reading/Writing – Main idea, compare/contrast, making predictions, vocabulary, cause and effect, facts and details, inferencing, point of view, theme, summarizing, literary structure, opinion, research, narratives

Science – Matter, energy, water cycle, weather, ecosystems, human body, forces and motion

Social Studies – States, regions, branches of government, constitution, civil war/revolutionary war


Attendance/Late Policy: 

Attendance will be taken daily, please be ready to start class promptly at 8:00 am. Tardies will be marked after the start of class - we understand connection issues and at times the inability to log in at scheduled times but try your best to be on during our scheduled times! With our abbreviated schedule, it is extremely important to be on time so we can cover the daily material needed for your child’s success! If you are having trouble signing on, please notify your child’s teacher as soon as possible so we can help in any way we can.  We suggest to log in 5-10 minutes before 8:00 am so that we’re able to help you and/or your child begin instruction as close to 8:00 am in case of any problems. After the first few weeks, students will be expected to be on by 8:00 am. 

Homework and classwork is expected to be turned in online daily. Assignments turned in late will be deducted 10 points daily for each day it is late. After three days, the assignment will no longer be accepted. Your child will receive a zero for the assignment if not turned in within the three day period.


Grading Policy:

A – Superior



B – Above Avg.




C – Average




D – Below Avg.


Class Work


F - Fail

59 or Below



Classroom Management:

Students are expected to act as if they are present in the classroom. Students should be sitting at their computer with minimal distractions around them. Disruptions will not be tolerated. Students will be given a verbal warning. Parents will then be notified after the initial verbal warning. If the behavior continues, administration will be notified. Students may be suspended for their actions (students will be blocked from the ability to log in and attend class).