Caroleena Guifarro

Dear Students and Families,                                                              


Welcome to Ms. Guifarro’s 5th grade class! I’m excited for another great year at River Mill! I am so happy to be working with your child this year in 5th grade!

I wanted to give you some important information about what we’re going to be doing this year in 5th grade:



Students will have nightly homework and will be expected to write down their homework assignments daily. Weekly work will be sent home in Friday folders, in which items may need to be signed and returned to class the following Monday. Homework assignments must be turned in on the day they are due. All homework and classwork will be graded daily. Students will be fined classroom money that are incomplete or turned in late. After being fined, students are expected to turn in late work the next school day. Ten points will be deducted from the assignment each day it is late. After three days, the assignment will no longer be accepted, and the student will automatically receive a zero for the assignment.



A - Superior



B – Above Avg.




C – Average




D – Below Avg.


Homework/Class work


F - Failure

59 or Below




Classroom Management

In our classroom, we will be using a monetary system to encourage positive classroom behavior. Students will be given the opportunity to earn money through different means such as their classroom job, and following classroom rules, but students will be fined different amounts for different violations. We have a book in my classroom in which students will write their name in and be fined money if they are breaking any of our classroom, school rules, failed to complete or turn in assignments by their due date, talking during inappropriate times, disturbing class, poor sportsmanship or display disrespectful behavior towards peers, and adults. Students may not bring their money home, it must stay at school in a designated location.



I believe communication is the best way to achieve a successful year; I will update my classroom webpage weekly for important information to keep the lines of communication open as well as send letters home when needed. If you have any other questions/concerns please feel free to contact me through any of the following ways:


Phone: (336) 229-0909

Cell (Call/Text): (336) 266-1963        




                                                                                                Thank you,

                                                                                                            Ms. Guifarro

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