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Mrs. Pollard and Mrs. JJ's 3rd grade!

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This week in CAFE/Reading we are working on theme and central message.
In math we are working multiplication.
In science we are learning about the human body

Below is the strategy we are working on in CAFE (There are supposed to be two R's )
UNRREAL strategy

****All unfinished work must be completed as homework****

Homework is due on Thursdays!

Homework Mrs. Pollard’s Class

Oct 16-20

List 5 Spelling words

List A: cramp, shrimp, emerald, beheld, yourself, herself, insult, assault, slept, disrupt

Both: pump, stamp, wept, held, shelf

List B: lump, ramp, held, wolf, golf, salt, bolt, adopt, tempt, damp

Please study the lists that are highlighted!

If your child makes a 100 on the quiz on Friday, they do not have spelling homework or a test next Friday.


Homework Due:

Reading Log – due Friday 10/20

Reading Response – worksheet Fables, Folktale, and Myths pg 6 & 7 (1 pg front and back) – due Thursday 10/19

Math – worksheet Interpret Products of Whole Numbers pg 56 & 57 paper  – due Thursday 10/19

Science – Moon Journals – turn it when you have completed 7 days – DUE MONDAY OCT 23!

Spelling – Write words 3 times each – due Friday 10/20


Tests/Quizzes this week:

Thursday – Wordly Wise Vocabulary Lesson 5 Quiz

Friday - Spelling list 5 Test, Math quiz on multiplication strategies


Please contact Mrs. Pollard if you have any questions





Scholastic orders will be submitted on October 27. Our class code is P86Y6