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Mrs. Pollard and Mrs. JJ's 3rd grade!

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This week in CAFE/Reading we are working on using information gained from text features and finding the meaning of unknown words using context clues ( Standard RL.3.3, RI.4 ). We are also working on the Text Structures Compare/Contrast, Cause/Effect, and Sequencing
In math we are working on fractions.
In Science we are learning about matter (solid, liquid, gas) and properties and changes of matter and heat transfer.

Below is the strategy we are working on in CAFE (There are supposed to be two R's )
UNRREAL strategy

****All unfinished work must be completed as homework****

Homework is due on Thursdays!

Homework Mrs. Pollard’s Class

Feb 5-9

List 11 Spelling words

List A: obey, phone, moment, explode, afloat, coaster, throat, foe, although, rainbow

Both: tone, soap, coat, glow, show

List B: over, nose, cope, globe, roam, soak, goat, throw, though, snow

Homework Due:

Spelling – Write word trees for each word – due Friday 2/9


Tests/Quizzes this week:

Thursday – Wordly Wise lesson 9 test

Friday - Spelling list 11 quiz, 8’s quiz, reading test (cause/effect, sequence, description), math test on fractions, science open book test


Wordly Wise Lesson 9:
attitude: a way of thinking or feeling about certain things
confess: to say that one has done something wrong
defend: 1) to keep from being attacked; protect 2) to speak for; to argue in favor of
gradual: happening slowly; taking place little by little
hint: 1) information given to help someone answer a question; a clue 2) to suggest something without saying directly what one means
individual: 1) a single person, apart from other in a group 2) meant for just one
malice: the wish to hurt others on purpose
malicious: done with a wish to harm or cause pain
misery: a feeling of great unhappiness
miserable: 1) very unhappy or unpleasant 2) very bad; of poor quality
solution: 1) the answer to a problem or puzzle 2) a mixture formed when a liquid and some other materials are mixed together
survey: 1) to look over; to examine 2) a study designed to gather information about a subject





Scholastic orders will be submitted on February 24. Our class code is P86Y6