Caitlyn Pollard


Mrs. Pollard and Mrs. JJ's 3rd grade!

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Check the website each week for your homework and quizzes!

We are learning: 
CAFE- Dramas/Plays
Math- Telling Time and Elapsed Time
Social Studies- Entepreneurs
Spelling- Homophones

Below is the strategy we are working on in CAFE (There are supposed to be two R's )
UNRREAL strategy

****All unfinished work must be completed as homework****

Announcements for the coming weeks:

-Book Fair- April 13-20:

                    Shopping Hours - 4/13-4/19 8AM- 3PM

                                                    4/20  8AM-11AM

                                                     Late Night Shopping 4/19 5PM-8PM

                                                     Online Shopping 4/8-4/21

- PTT Spring Basket Raffle

           -Raffle ticket sales now through April 17

           - Tickets are $1 each

           - Drawing will be April 20 at the family movie night ( You do not need to be present to enter)

- Classroom Needs: We really are in need of pencils and graph paper! Please help us out if you can!

- EOGs are May 10-11


Homework Mrs. Pollard’s Class

April 9-13

List 15 Spelling words – Homophones

List A: waist, waste, bored, board, would, wood, right, write, they’re, there

Both: aloud, sight, great, their, poor

List B: peace, piece, pair, pear, week, weak, two, to, weight, wait

Homework Due:

Spelling – Write each word 3 times each – due Friday 4/13


Tests/Quizzes this week:

Thursday – Wordly Wise lesson 12 test

Friday - Spelling list 15 test, mixed multiplication quiz

Scholastic orders will be submitted on April 30. Our class code is P86Y6