Caitlyn Pollard


Mrs. Pollard and Mrs. JJ's 3rd grade!

Be sure to listen to ConnectEd calls for what is happening during the school week!

Check the website each week for your homework and quizzes!

This week in CAFE/Reading we are working on using information gained from illustrations and word in a text to demonstrate understanding of the text. ( Standard RL.3.7 )
In math we are working on division.
In Social Studies we are learning about Christmas around the World.

Below is the strategy we are working on in CAFE (There are supposed to be two R's )
UNRREAL strategy

****All unfinished work must be completed as homework****

Homework is due on Thursdays!

Tests/Quizzes this week:

Tuesday - Math Topic 8 Test
Wednesday - Reading Benchmark
Thursday – Wordly Wise test Lesson 7
- Math Benchmark



Class Christmas party on Dec. 18 at 12:30

Christmas Program on Dec 19 at 9:00 in the high school gym. Doors open at 8:30. Parents are welcome to sign their children out for the day after the program.

Dec 19 is an early release day. Please have all students picked up by 12:00.




Scholastic orders will be submitted on January 26. Our class code is P86Y6