Classroom Behavior

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Ms. Coxs Classroom Behavior Policy

Dear Parents/Guardians,

I cant believe that we are already starting off the 2017-2018 school year! I am looking forward to another great year with your child. In order to make sure that each child at River Mill receives their best education, we hold high behavioral expectations for them. I have outlined below what those will be for this year.

Your child is expected to follow our basic classroom rules which are:

  1. Be kind and help others
  2. Raise hand before speaking
  3. Stay in seat while completing work
  4. Listen and follow Directions
  5. Work quietly
  6. Do their best

We will continue using Class Dojo this year to record negative and positive behavior. If you have any questions about how to use Class Dojo, please contact me. When your child loses a point, they are expected to walk 2 laps at recess for each point lost. If they lose more than three points in a day they are expected to walk the whole time at recess. Other consequences for continued misbehavior include silent lunch/snack, and/or an office discipline referral.

Students will earn points when they are caught exhibiting positive behavior. Your child can use their positive points to earn different prizes at the end of each week. If your child loses more than 4 points throughout the week, they are disqualified from earning a prize. Your child’s points will also be recorded on a calendar inside their homework folder. Please check this daily and initial below their total points.

If your child struggles to follow the behavioral expectations of the class, I will contact you to set-up a conference to discuss ways we can work together to help your child succeed.

Let’s make this year awesome! J

Ms. Cox