Classroom Behavior

Class Dojo

‚ÄčThis year I will using Class Dojo to help with behavior management in my classroom. Class Dojo is an online behavior management tool that keeps you informed about your child's behavior at school. I will send home Class Dojo letters at the beginning of the year that will explain how to access your child's Class Dojo information. Please make sure to create a parent account so that you can stay informed about your child's behavior. During the day your child can earn points in Class Dojo for demonstrating positive behavior. If your child misbehaves, he/she will loses points in Class Dojo. At the end of the week your child can earn prizes by how many Class Dojo points he/she earned. I will also have a calendar that will go home in your child's communication folder. On the calendar it will indicate how many points your child earned and/or lost for the day. Please check and sign this calendar daily.  

If your child loses points for misbehavior, he/she may have to walk some laps at recess, have silence lunch, or be sent to the office. If your child continues to exhibit misbehavior without improvement, I will need to hold a conference with you to discuss how to help them improve. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns about your child's behavior.