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Week of 10/23/17 Announcements

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The fall festival will be on October 28th from 11:00-3:00. Our class will be in charge of running the Witch Putt Putt game. Parents who volunteer time can get a discounted bracelet for the games and bouncy houses. Thank you to those

On December 4th we will be visiting the Transportation Museum in Spencer for a magical Polar Express train ride. Students will be allowed to wear pajamas, but they must wear closed toed shoes. They will also need to bring a bag lunch.The cost for the field trip per student is $25. We have currently filled all of chaperone spots, but more may come available on November 10th. If you are still interesting in attending the trip, make sure to mark it when you turn in your child's permission slip. I will contact you if more seats come available. The cost for chaperones is $27.40. Please contact me if you have any questions. 

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What We are Learning
Math: We will be starting our unit on addition facts to 20. We will focus on using doubles this week to help us become more fluent in addition. 

Writing: We will be writing information about spiders.
Word Study: We will continue learning about words with l-blends. (i.e. click, slide, blow)

Science/S.S.: This week we will learn about spiders.

Sight Words​:Please help your child learn to recognize and spell these words: than, about, know)

Spelling Words: by, words, but, not, sick, kick, brick, stick(our spelling test will be on Friday)

If you click on the pictures, they will take you to the websites if you want to purchase them online.

-2 Chart Paper Tablets
(one of each size)
School Smart Bond Paper 2-Hole Punched Spiralbound Unruled Chart Tablet, 24" x 32", 25 Sheets

-Lysol Spray/Disinfectant Spray

-Kids prize box items

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-Amazon Gift Cards
-Laminating Pouches

Other Reminders

*Birthday recognition will occur on the last Friday of every month.  During the month of your child's birthday, you and your grade level parent/teacher will be responsible for goodies, etc.

*There will be two field trips this year.

*There will be two classroom parties this year.  The topics and dates are the teachers' choice.

*Please make sure that you are discussing with your child their lunch and transportation routine.  Communicate to us any changes to your child's routine in writing.  Please place on parent log in the Daily Folder. No loose notes!

*Friday Parent Luncheon: Per the RMA Student Handbook,outside food is only permitted on Fridays.  Because of separation anxiety, please do NOT eat lunch with your child until the end of September in order to limit disruptions to the daily routine.

Reminder: Parents if you are sending in money for anything- please label it with your child's name and what it is for (book order, t-shirt money, lunch account) so that we know where it is intended to go.

Morning drop-off: 
Parents please do not allow your kids to leave the car until 7:30. IF you have a HS or MS student at RMA they may get out at 7:20 with them. The older sibling is responsible for walking the elementary student to the gym. RMA does offer morning care before 7:30am for a fee.  If your child is dropped off early on more than one occasion, they will have to attend morning care and parents will be responsible for paying the fee.

P.E. Days are Tuesday and Thursday: Please make sure your child is wearing tennis shoes on those days.

We will have snack everyday, please send one for your child.  Due to allergies we will not provide a class snack for everyone.

Eating lunch with your child:   You are welcome to join us for lunch on Fridays and bring food from off
campus if you want.

Absences: If your child is absent, please send in a signed written/typed note (emails are not sufficient) when your child returns to school.
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Ice cream will be available for students to purchase in the cafeteria on Fridays.  Please send in ice cream money on Wednesdays. This money needs to go in the envelope inside your child's folder, please. If you do not send money your child will be charged for an ice cream, unless you request your child does not get ice cream.