Behavior Management System

We will use class Dojo In our class, we will also implement a clip chart that goes along with the points that students are receiving or losing.  At the beginning of each day, students will all begin with their clip on the “Ready to Learn” section.  Throughout the day they can move up and down as needed (up if they earn points and down if they lose points).  Just because they move down doesn’t mean they can’t move back up for making smarter choices.  At the end of each day, students will record the number of Dojo points they received that day, in their homework folder. You will be able to see how many they receive each day. We will set whole class and individual goals for how many points we will be striving to get weekly.  Depending on the goals we set and how many points your child receives, they will get to trade in their points for Dojo Coupons every Friday. You will also sign each Friday showing that you have seen how many points they earned daily, and weekly.

There will also be a behavior binder, with behavior contracts inside. If for some reason a student loses five or more Dojo points in one day, they will sign a behavior contract, and we will talk about the choices that were made that day. The contract will be sent home for the parent to discuss making better choices with their child, sign it and return it the next day.


If the case arises where your child is consistently breaking classroom and school rules, I will contact you to discuss it further.  My goal is to build a positive behavior system that motivates students to make smart choices. I believe students learn better when there is consistent structure in the classroom, and that begins with their behavior.