Minion Weekly

Important Dates

*Perimeter quiz on Monday March 27th.
*Vocabulary quiz on Friday March 31st.

What We’re Learning: Week of 3/27

CAFE:  This week we will be talking about chapters in a book and how they build upon each other.  We will have an assessment on Thursday.  We are also going to begin practicing a play for the students to present to our buddy kindergarten class. 

MATH:  We will have a quiz on perimeter on Monday and move into topic 14 area. 

WRITING:  Writing will be worked on in centers and small group during our CAFE time.  We will be using this time for extra math review. 

SCIENCE:  We will be learning about what plants need to survive and the best type of soil to use.

SOCIAL STUDIES:  Will continue after progress reports.

VOCAB/SPELLING:  New spelling words and vocabulary words will be sent home on Monday.  We are on lesson 13 vocabulary words and week 3.27-4.7 spelling words.

Notes from Miss Maness:
Keep working on those multiplication and division facts.  Some students still struggle with these!