Weekly Announcements

March 5:

  1. If you have not already signed up for a 3rd quarter face-to-face conference, please click on the following link to do so. You must attend a conference to receive your student's report card. https://www.signupgenius.com/go/8050a4bada829aafa7-3rdquarter
  2. Thursday, March 12th and Friday, March 13th are both half-days for students. School dismisses at 11:30, please be on time to pick up your student. Lunch will not be served on these days.
  3. There will not be homework next week for students. We will still be taking our spelling test on Friday so students still need to practice their lists at home but will not turn in spelling activities for homework.

March 2:

  1. We will be taking our 3rd quarter Check-In test next Wednesday, March 4th in the morning. This test will cover what we have learned in math this quarter (area, fractions and some geometry). Please make sure your student goes to bed early and eats a healthy breakfast this morning as this will be our last 'formal' practice test before we take our EOG's in May. 
  2. Please be on the look out early next week for a sign-up genius link for March face-to-face conferences. Conferences will take place on Thursday and Friday, March 12th and 13th starting at 1:00.
  3. Next week we will be moving into data in math. This means, reading and interpreting bar graphs, picture graphs and understanding "how many more" and "how many less" problems based on data. We will also be moving into reading plays in CAFE for the next two weeks.
  4. Please do not forget that next Friday, March 6th has been turned into a full school day for students to make up for the missed day on February 21st. 
  5. Students will also have new spelling lists for the next two weeks starting on Monday. Please remember to check the class website for spelling lists if your student looses their words for spelling homework. 



February 24:

  1. Picture day for third graders will be on Wednesday, February 26th. There will not be time for students to change clothes or shoes on this day as we have a tight Wednesday schedule with double specials classes. Please make sure your student is wearing tennis shoes as we have PE on Wednesdays. 
  2. This week is Read Across America Week. Please check the school website for all of the cool activities we will be doing each day. 
  3. We will be taking our end of module math test on Wednesday of this week. I am attaching a picture of what the butterfly method looks like to this email to help students with practice at home. We are finishing up comparing equivalent fractions tomorrow. I have also put an equivalent fractions worksheet on our classroom website under "homework help" for more practice. Students will see fractions to compare with the denominators 2, 3, 4, 6, and 8. 
  4. We will be finishing up our poetry unit this week with a test on Friday. Students will need to know stanza, line, poet, speaker, mood, theme, setting, rhyming words and types of figurative language for their test.
  5. I have also attached two pictures to this email of "words to know" for both 2nd and 3rd grade. These are great lists for students to be practicing from at home to support their reading in school!

February 17:

We do not have any big announcements for this week so I just wanted to send a quick note about homework. PLEASE make sure your student is turning in their homework and is asking myself or Mrs. T for help if they have questions. We are having a lot of homework either not turned in, turned in partially completed or turned in with several questions incorrect. Homework is meant to help students! We will be taking a quiz in math on fractions on a number line this Wednesday. Our homework this week covers exactly what students need to know about placing fractions on a number line. We also also learning the 'butterfly method' to help us compare fractions. Today, we also started a unit on poetry. Reading homework this week covers types of figurative language which we learned last week. Please make sure your student knows this! I hope everyone has a great week. Thank you!
February 9:

  1. Our class will not be passing out special Valentine's/candy on Friday. Instead, we will be celebrating each other through a character trait activity/craft. This is to ensure that everyone in our class is able to participate. Thank you for understanding.
  2. Homework from last week will be due tomorrow morning. We will also take our spelling quiz tomorrow and will be catching up from Thursday and Friday.
  3. We will be moving on to putting fractions on a number line this week  in math (think rulers). Any extra practice your student can have at home is greatly appreciated!
  4. Please do not forget that the National Honor Society is still collecting supplies for local animal shelters through Friday, February 14th. The class that donates the most will win a special prize.
  5. Order forms for Read Across America t-shirts are due this Tuesday, February 11th WITH the $10 fee. I have attached a picture of what the t-shirts will looks like to this email. NO LATE ORDERS WILL BE ACCEPTED. 

January 31:

  1. Students will have both math and reading worksheets for homework this week (along with spelling and nightly reading). Students will start a new spelling list this week.
  2. Starting this month, we will be checking reading logs every Friday for a special reward. Students who bring in their reading logs filled out for each day of the week will earn time with a special reading buddy on Friday's during CAFE time. 
  3. We will have ice cream on Friday, February 7th, 21st and 28th. 
  4. I have put the directions on how to make marshmallow launchers on our class website for students who want to make them at home ;)

January 26:

  1. There is a teacher workday this Friday, January 31st. There is NO SCHOOL for students.
  2. We will be starting our fractions unit in math tomorrow. This will be our biggest unit this year and will be awesome! There is so much opportunity for you to talk about fractions at home with your student while cooking, grocery shopping, playing games, pretty much everywhere! I hope your student will share their new learnings at home with you.
  3. All grades are up to date in PowerSchool. Please note that math homework grades have not been entered yet because we will be averaging out homework grades each month from now until the end of the school year. Math homework grades for January will be posted after this week.
  4. The National Honor Society is collecting donations for the local animal shelter. The class that collects the most things will earn a prize. Please see the school website for more information.

January 17:

  1. There is NO SCHOOL on Monday, January 20th 2020 in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.
  2. River Mill is still collecting can tabs. The grade level that collects the most will earn a popcorn party!
  3. Your student brought home a packet with information on the school store this week. Please look through it for more about it.
  4. We will continue to do ice cream on Friday's. Please send in $1 on Friday's if your student would like ice cream but does not have money on their account. Accounts will not be charged.
  5. There will only be reading homework (with nightly spelling and nightly reading for 20 minutes) next week. We are working on an area project in class and will be finishing Module 4 with our cumulative test next Friday.

January 6:

  1. We are back on our normal homework schedule starting today. This means that all homework (reading passage, math worksheet and four spelling activities) are due on Friday. Students were responsible for packing their own folders this afternoon as we begin to prepare for fourth grade. Please make sure students are also keeping up with their nightly reading logs (at least 20 minutes).
  2. Your student may be on a new spelling list starting today. Please keep in mind that students are on spelling lists based on the spelling patterns they need the most support with regardless of how easy or hard the words may seem. Spelling lists are also located on the classroom website for reference.
  3. We started new math center books for the month of January today. Students will be working hard on elapsed time this month. Students will benefit greatly from any extra practicing telling time on analog clocks outside of school. 
  4. We will have ice cream this Friday, January 10th.
  5. Quarter 2 math check-in's will be on Tuesday, January 14th. Please make sure your student is continuing to practice both their multiplication and division facts in order to help them best prepare for this test. 

December 9:

  1. Our third grade field trip is tomorrow. Please make sure your student is on time and brings a bagged lunch. We will not be taking lunch boxes, ice packs or reusable water bottles with us so please make sure everything that is packed can be thrown away. Your student will need to wear their class t-shirt.
  2. There will be no homework until the new year. Please make sure your student is still reading every day and practicing their multiplication (and division) facts over break!
  3. We will have a winter celebrate on Tuesday, December 17th. Please be on the lookout for a Sign-up Genius link for class help soon!
  4. Our Christmas program is next Wednesday, December 18th at 9:00. Please make sure your student is dressed in blue jeans and a red or green shirt. Reindeer antlers and jingle bells are encouraged. Students who are leaving school early on this day will need to be checked out from the classroom with Ms. Taylor. Students may not leave directly from the program.

November 22:

  1. Our Friendship Feast is next Tuesday! Thank you to everyone who signed up to bring something in. We are encouraging students to dress nicely but not too nicely for this day (a polo shirt and jeans or a comfy dress and leggings).
  2. If you have already paid for a hot lunch that day, River Mill will void that lunch order and the money will go back on your student’s account. Students will not need to bring a lunch to school on this day.
  3. We will not have homework next week.
  4. Field trip permission must be turned in WITH the money due for the trip ($6). If a permission slip is turned it without money, it will be sent home until the money comes in. Permission slips are due Tuesday, December 3rd. (This is the Tuesday after break.)
  5. If your student has not brought back their progress reports, signed, please have that turned in by Next Wednesday.
  6. If someone is bringing lunch in or dropping lunch off for students on Friday, it needs to be here before our lunch time (11:30), or your student will get a lunch from the cafeteria and their account will be charged. We cannot have students waiting for their lunch. Thank you for your help with this.
  7. River Mill is also doing a book drive to benefit the Reach out and Read program. If you would like to send gently used books with your student to donate, we will put them in our classroom container to send to the book drive.
  8. I would encourage families to wash jackets, sweatshirts, bookbags, lunchboxes or even shoes over break to help with the spread of germs that has taken over our class this week. We have had five cases of the flu and would really like for everyone to be healthy both at home and at school for the holidays coming up!

November 15:

  1. Our class absolutely ROCKED their mid-module 3 math test this week. Every student in our class passed with a 70% or higher. We shared our good new with Mr. Dishmon on Thursday and agreed that if everyone in the class passes their end-of-module 3 test (next Friday) we will have a math celebration. We have been working so hard on our multiplication/division facts and we are so proud of our hard work. It has paid off!
  2. Ask your student about multiplication karate! Ms. Gobel came to our classes on Tuesday to explain a new math challenge third through fifth grade will be participating in this school year. Your student has the chance to earn their double black belt in multiplication facts AND get their picture posted in the front lobby.
  3. We are also doing our own multiplication incentive in the classroom with ice cream. We will be quizzing students on their facts randomly and the more your student practices at home, the faster they will pass off. (Ask your student about it ;)
  4. If you, or someone is coming to have lunch with your student at school on Friday’s, please be sure they are on time. It is River Mill policy that after five minutes of lunch, students who do not have a lunch will charge their account for a hot lunch. Our schedule does not allow time for students to extend their lunch time if their lunch delivery is running late.
  5. Next week will be our last week of Tuesday tutoring until after Winter break. With a short week coming up and the craziness that December brings, we will resume tutoring when we get back for the new year.
  6. Field trip information is coming home today! We will be going to the Millis Health Center in High Point on Tuesday, December 10. We will be wearing our class t-shirts on this day. Please make sure your student’s permission slip is signed and returned with money by Tuesday, December 3rd.
  7. We will also be going on our bowling field trip this upcoming week, on Thursday, November 21. We will leave River Mill at 11:45 and will return around 1:45. Students will need to wear socks and tennis shoes to school that day in order to participate. We will not be allowing students to change shoes at school.
  8. We would like to do a “Friendship Feast” with our class on Tuesday, November 26. This would be a potluck type meal with our class on this day. In order to do this however, we will have to have a commitment from parents who are willing to send in things for the feast. (kid-friendly food such as mac n cheese, chicken nuggets or mini turkey sandwiches?, fruit, mashed potatoes, corn (this is a class favorite), rolls, butter, pumpkin pie, cookies, plates, napkins, cutlery, cups, drinks (not soda-please!). If you would like to help, please respond to this email and I will send out a Sign-up Genius link on Monday if we have enough parents to send things in.
  9. Progress Reports are also coming home today. There is no grade for Social Studies for this quarter yet. We will start a unit sometime next week. Please be sure to sign your student’s progress report and return it as soon as possible.
  10. There will also be another set of math sheets coming home today for extra practice in Take-Home folders. Please be sure to have your student complete these and return them on Monday for extra money.

November 11:

  1. You student brought home more multiplication practice on Friday in their folder. This is due on Tuesday for extra money.
  2. Students will only have spelling homework next week. We will get our new lists on Tuesday. There will be no reading or math homework due to the short week. We will be taking our mid-module 3 test next Wednesday. Students need to make sure they are practicing their 6, 7, 8 and 9 multiplication facts in order to be prepared for this test. We have really been practicing skip counting with these higher numbers and a great way to practice that is with the multiplication songs that can be found on the class website.

November 1:

  1. We will be sending homework from this week in Take-Home folders on Monday. We ran out of time today to get folders stuffed. Please check Power School on Monday for updated grades.
  2. Please make sure your student is practicing their multiplication facts nightly. I was very please with our quiz grades today using 6’s and 7’s facts. We will be working hard on our 8’s and multi-step problems moving forward.
  3. Spelling homework is still to be completed every night, each week. We had a lot of students who either did not turn in homework today or their spelling quiz grades reflected their practice from this week. Grades will reflect our late policy (copied below):


    Late Work: Students will be given 3 days to turn in late work. For each day late, students will be deducted 10 points a day. If turned in after 3 days late, students will receive a zero.

    For example, if homework is turned in late on a Monday a student would receive minus 10 points. If turned in Tuesday or Wednesday, a student would receive minus 10 more points a day, respectively. If turned in on Thursday or later, the student would receive a 0 for that homework packet.

  4. We will do ice cream next week but did not do it today due to the amount of sugar several students enjoyed yesterday. Thank you for understanding!

October 27:

  1. Our class shirts were sent home with your student on Friday. I will update you when we plan on wearing this throughout the year.
  2. Last week, we finished up our second unit in math. As we start our next unit, we will be focusing heavily on 6, 7, 8 and 9 in multiplication. Please make sure your student in practicing their multiplication facts nightly at home to support their learning in the classroom.
  3. This week your students’ new spelling list will be words they have already had this school year. We will be reviewing spelling patterns as we dive into vocabulary with our words. We will continue this for the next few weeks until we take a cumulative test before winter break to assess what we have learned so far this school year.

October 18:

1.      Please speak with your student about how important it is to be responding to questions in COMPLETE sentences. We are continuing to work hard on restating our questions in our answers and I was so surprised by the amount of homework that was turned in with incomplete sentences. Please be sure someone is checking over your student’s homework before they turn it in on Friday. Homework grades are intended to help overall grades, not hurt them. Next week, incomplete sentences will be marked incorrect, not just ½ off.

2.      We will have a test next Wednesday in math to wrap up our second unit. Our test covers elapsed time, word problems using liters/milliliters and meters/kilometers, rounding to the nearest ten and hundred to make estimates, and adding/subtracting three-digit numbers. We still have lots of friends who need more practice with the rounding and subtracting piece. Please see our “Homework Help” tab for extra practice that can be completed at home in preparation for this test.

3.    We have started learning about the Skeletal system in science. Please have your student review the major bones in the body at home to be prepared for a test next week. I have posted an image under "Homework Help" for your student to study from.

4.      The Jaguar Movie Night will be on Friday, November 1, 2019 from 5:30-8:30. Please see the pink flyer your student brought home in their Take-Home folder for morning information regarding this event.

5.      The “Back to School Dance” will be next Friday, October 25th from 3:00-5:30. If your student would still like to go, please make sure their permission slip is sent in WITH their money by Tuesday of next week.

6.      We will not have ice cream next Friday as we will be celebrating October birthday’s that afternoon.

7.      Our class will not be doing anything special for Halloween. Please do not send in any treats/candy on that day.

8.      Fall Festival is tonight from 5:00-8:00 followed by a movie. I hope to see everyone there!


October 13:

  1. I have uploaded a few resources to our class website that I talked about with several families during conferences. The “five finger rule” is a great way for your student to be sure they are choosing books that are “just right” when they are reading. The question stems are an excellent way for you to engage with your student after they finish reading nightly. You can find these under the “homework help” tab. The link for our website is http://www.rivermill-academy.org/staff/elementary_school/annie_taylor
  2. Homework will return to normal this week- one math sheet, one reading passage and nightly spelling and reading work.
  3. Thank you to everyone who ordered a class t-shirt. Shirts will arrive in two weeks.
  4. Pumpkin wars start this week. Your student brought home a flyer in their take-home folder with more information about this.
  5. I still need two more parent volunteers to work our game “skee ball” at the fall festival on Friday. Please contact me ASAP if you are available to help. I hope to see everyone there!



October 3:

  1. 1.Mrs. T and I have kept Take-Home folders for the weekend so we can go through them tomorrow and send home graded papers on Monday. I have uploaded the spelling lists for this week on our classroom website in case your student practices over the long weekend.
  2. Since most of the class still needs to order their class t-shirt, I am extending the deadline to next Friday, October 11th. All orders and payments may be made online at the following link: https://www.customink.com/g/dva0-00bz-rqp3
  3. Please remember that quarter 1 face-to-face conferences will be held next Thursday and Friday, October 10th and 11th. Conferences will last 15 minutes each. I look forward to seeing you soon!
  4. Due to the half days next week, students will only have a reading passage (no math worksheet) with their nightly spelling and reading homework. This will also offset only have a math worksheet for homework this week ;)
  5. Since we will celebrate the end of the quarter with our class store next week, we will not have ice cream. We will resume our Friday ice cream schedule the following week.

September 27:

  1. Please make sure you place your order for our class t-shirt by Friday, October 4th. The link to place your order and pay online is: https://www.customink.com/g/dva0-00bz-rqp3 We only have a few orders in so far and it would be great if everyone has a shirt for field trips and special school days. If every student in our class purchases one, the shirts will only cost about $8 each!
  2. A sign-up genius link was sent earlier this week for Quarter 1 conferences. Please make sure you sign up ASAP. The link is https://www.signupgenius.com/go/8050A4BADA829AAFA7-quarter
  3. Students will only have a math sheet (plus spelling and nightly reading) for homework next week since it is a short week.
  4. Our class is collecting canned food items for the school-wide canned food drive. Please send in donations with your student to school.
  5. Your student is bringing home their picture form today in their Take-Home folder. Please make sure to review it and send it back if you are ordering pictures. Picture re-takes will be next Wednesday, October 2nd starting at 9:30.
  6. As the quarter wraps up, students will be using the money they earned to visit our class store/treasure box and we are still in need of fun items for students to buy. Things like fun school supplies, costume jewelry, art supplies, small toys, etc. make great treats to reward students for their earnings this quarter.


September 20:

  1. Students took their module 1 cumulative assessment last week. This week, the class had extra practice with the material and had the chance to improve their grade with a retest on Wednesday. The grade that will be posted for this in PowerSchool will be the higher of the two grades. These tests will not be sent home as I will be using them during conferences in October.
  2. Our ice cream day is on Friday this year. Students may bring in cash money or charge their account only if there is money on it. If you do not want your student having ice cream, please let me know.
  3. I have posted a document on our class website that has the multiplication songs our class learned with Mrs. Bradshaw this week. This is a great way for students to practice and memorize the higher numbers when it comes to skip counting/multiplication.
  4. Our class is learning about time in math right now. We will be moving into elapsed time early next week. Any and all practice that can be done at home with telling time to the nearest minute on an analog clock will greatly support your student in school.
  5. Please check out the school website for information regarding a school wide canned food drive. Our class has our own box so we are excited to collect a lot!
  6. I am attaching a link at the bottom of our announcements for our class t-shirt order. The shirts are currently priced at about $9.00 each if 20 students order a shirt. The more shirts that are ordered, the cheaper the cost will be. You must pay online for our shirts. The deadline for our orders is Friday, October 4th. The shirts will get shipped to the school and we will pass them out when they arrive.


September 13:

  1. Please make sure your student is completing a spelling activity each night with their homework and turning it in on Fridays. Next week students will get new lists. Your student may have a different list than they did the past two weeks. I have gone through some data and switched some students around.
  2. The Back to School dance has been rescheduled to October 25th. Please see the email that I forwarded to you earlier this week for more details. 
  3. Please help your student reach their reading goal for September. Goals were attached to reading logs in Take-Home folders earlier this week.


September 6:

  1. We will start ice cream next week. (I completely forgot for this week.) Your student must have money in their account to get ice cream. Students will not be allowed to charge their account this year. If your do not want your student to get ice cream, please let me know.
  2. We are starting reading assessments on Monday. This year since they will be one the computer, it would be extremely helpful if our class could have some headphones so we can have multiple students assess at one time. If you would like to help, please send it a pair on Monday so we can make this process as quick and painless as possible. (Preferably the over the ear kind, not the ear bud kind.)
  3. As the first nine weeks is halfway over, our class is beginning to collect items for our class store. If you would like to donate things, please send them in with your student as right now we only have a few things. (Stuffed animals, pencil boxes, small toys, books, jewelry, etc. will make great prizes!)
  4. Picture day will be on Wednesday, September 11th at 9:55 for our class. Please make sure orders are sent in on time. No late orders will be taken.
  5. Progress reports were sent home today. Please be sure to review these and send them back to school, SIGNED, on Monday. If your student did not receive their progress report in their folder it is because they owe the school money.
  6. Our class will be calculating “Star Readers” for the one girl and one boy who reads the most minutes per month. For the month of August, Derek and Peyton H. were our star readers!
  7. Homework started this week and for the most part, students did a great job turning things in. Please know that homework in third grade is not a choice as it is imperative students are practicing the skills they are learning in school at home. We will be very strict with our late policy regarding homework this year (found in our class handbook). If work is turned in incomplete, students will get a 0.


August 30:

  1. Please do not forget that students will need to bring their recorders for music class the Tuesday after Labor Day.
  2. Homework will be starting next week! Students will be bringing home a homework packet each Monday with a reading passage/questions, a math worksheet (and a homework helper for parents) and a list of spelling words. Students will be asked to complete a word study activity each night at home. Students may choose what activity they do each night from the choice board located in your students’ Take-Home Folder. All homework is due each Friday.
  3. Spelling lists will be assigned for two weeks at a time. Students will take a quiz on the first Friday and a test on the second Friday. The whole class will not have the same list this year. Lists will be assigned based on what your student needs.
  4. Monday is Labor Day, which means there will be no school!
  5. Our class won second place for PAWS for the month of August. This is a new thing River Mill is doing this year to recognize classes who are doing the right thing and showing “PAWS” throughout the school. Our class set our August goal at 10 PAWS and we earned 11! WAY TO GO!!


August 23:


  1. Reading logs only need to be filled out Monday-Friday but I have told the class they should be reading at home every day.
  2. We will be pushing for multiplication facts to be memorized starting sometime in October. For right now, we are learning to understand the “why” behind multiplication and division work so that facts make sense to students. There is no point in memorizing facts without knowing the mechanics behind multiplication and division.
  3. Students will need their recorders for music class by the Tuesday after Labor Day. That is September 3rd. You can buy a recorder in town at Don’s Music City or at Music and Arts. If all else fails, Amazon.com certainly sells them.
  4. Students worked very hard on the beginning of division this week in math. I have uploaded a homework helper on the class website to be used at home for extra practice. I would highly encourage students to practice at home to support their learning in school.
  5. Cookie Dough fundraisers are due back to school next Friday, September 30th.


August 16th:


  1. Students did a great job this week remembering their Take-Home folders. Take Home folders have two sides labeled for papers that need to go home and papers that need to be returned to school. Please pay attention to this as it makes Mrs. T’s job easier :-)
  2. We will not have daily snack this year in third grade.
  3. Your student should have brought information home on Wednesday about the BOG. We will be going through a practice booklet on Monday so students are familiar with the format of the test. Please make sure your student is ON TIME on Wednesday, August 21st.
  4. I have attached a math newsletter to our weekly email to review what we covered in math this week as far as multiplication. I would encourage your student to practice the strategies we have learned so far to solve multiplication problems at home (drawing arrays, drawing groups, repeated addition, number bonds).
  5. Students brought home information about the Cookie Dough fundraiser on Thursday afternoon. Please let me know if you did not receive this information.
  6. Students will need their own recorder for music class this year. Please send that in as soon as possible.
  7. Since I am new to River Mill, I will not be officially in PowerSchool until payroll goes through at the end of August. This means I can not put grades up until then. Thank you for your patience.
  8. Thank you to everyone who has sent in extra things for our classroom this year. Your support is greatly appreciated!


August 9th:

  1. Take-Home folders will be going home on Monday. Please be sure to send this folder back to school with your student everyday. Students will be keeping track of their behavior, reading logs, homework, notes, etc. in these folders.
  2. Reading logs will go home on Monday. Please have your student read for at least 20 minutes each night and record it on their log.
  3. Written homework will start in September. Please have your student start filling out their reading log on Monday.
  4. I am still learning how to update our class website but hope to complete that this weekend. I will also be posting our weekly updates on there once it is up and running.
  5. We will start ice cream in September. There will be more information on this to come.
  6. Please send your student with a water bottle to school. This is especially important right now as our recess time is at the end of the day, four days a week, and it is very hot outside. We have water bottle holders for each student in our room to help keep track of them.