Annie Taylor

3rd Grade clipart
Welcome to Ms. Taylor's 3rd Grade Class!

I am so excited to learn alongside your student this school year. My focus this year is to help your student become more independent in their academics and problem solving skills. Students will have to learn how to complete tasks independently, stay organized and turn things in on time. Please check out our weekly announcements and email me with any questions or concerns.

 8/16 Announcements:

    1. Students did a great job this week remembering their Take-Home folders. Take Home folders have two sides labeled for papers that need to go home and papers that need to be returned to school. Please pay attention to this as it makes Mrs. T’s job easier :-)
    2. We will not have daily snack this year in third grade.
    3. Your student should have brought information home on Wednesday about the BOG. We will be going through a practice booklet on Monday so students are familiar with the format of the test. Please make sure your student is ON TIME on Wednesday, August 21st.
    4. I have attached a math newsletter to our weekly email to review what we covered in math this week as far as multiplication. I would encourage your student to practice the strategies we have learned so far to solve multiplication problems at home (drawing arrays, drawing groups, repeated addition, number bonds).
    5. Students brought home information about the Cookie Dough fundraiser on Thursday afternoon. Please let me know if you did not receive this information.
    6. Students will need their own recorder for music class this year. Please send that in as soon as possible.
    7. Since I am new to River Mill, I will not be officially in PowerSchool until payroll goes through at the end of August. This means I can not put grades up until then. Thank you for your patience.
    8. Thank you to everyone who has sent in extra things for our classroom this year. Your support is greatly appreciated!