Annie Taylor

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Welcome to Ms. Taylor's 3rd Grade Class!

I am so excited to learn alongside your student this school year. My focus this year is to help your student become more independent in their academics and problem solving skills. Students will have to learn how to complete tasks independently, stay organized and turn things in on time. Please check out our weekly announcements and email me with any questions or concerns at


Weekly Announcements 10/18:

1.      Please speak with your student about how important it is to be responding to questions in COMPLETE sentences. We are continuing to work hard on restating our questions in our answers and I was so surprised by the amount of homework that was turned in with incomplete sentences. Please be sure someone is checking over your student’s homework before they turn it in on Friday. Homework grades are intended to help overall grades, not hurt them. Next week, incomplete sentences will be marked incorrect, not just ½ off.

2.      We will have a test next Wednesday in math to wrap up our second unit. Our test covers elapsed time, word problems using liters/milliliters and meters/kilometers, rounding to the nearest ten and hundred to make estimates, and adding/subtracting three-digit numbers. We still have lots of friends who need more practice with the rounding and subtracting piece. Please see our “Homework Help” tab for extra practice that can be completed at home in preparation for this test.

3.    We have started learning about the Skeletal system in science. Please have your student review the major bones in the body at home to be prepared for a test next week. I have posted an image under "Homework Help" for your student to study from.

4.      The Jaguar Movie Night will be on Friday, November 1, 2019 from 5:30-8:30. Please see the pink flyer your student brought home in their Take-Home folder for morning information regarding this event.

5.      The “Back to School Dance” will be next Friday, October 25th from 3:00-5:30. If your student would still like to go, please make sure their permission slip is sent in WITH their money by Tuesday of next week. 

6.      We will not have ice cream next Friday as we will be celebrating October birthday’s that afternoon.

7.      Our class will not be doing anything special for Halloween. Please do not send in any treats/candy on that day.

8.      Fall Festival is tonight from 5:00-8:00 followed by a movie. I hope to see everyone there!