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Student work has been assigned under each tab on the left. There are assignments for each subject. These will be updated weekly while we are out on leave.

There are Readworks passages that will go out daily. The students will be working on comparing decimals  through the math website Prodigy. The best strategy to do this will be to relate the decimal to money, or use a place value chart. There are science and social studies assignments on Discovery Education.
For science, please watch the video and the assignment is to be on Zoom Friday ready to share a fact about plate tectonics that they learned.
For social studies, please watch the video about the constitution part three. This is continued from last week, and pick one of the next 5 amendments to share about in writing. Tell me what the amendment means to you, why it is important, and how our life may be different without it.
The writing assignment will be the same until the end of the year. The students will be writing in a journal about their experience while out of school. 
I hope to see all the kids on Zoom at 12 on each day this week. I am working in my classroom in the morning and will still be on at our regular time. Below is the link!  
Copy and paste this link:

Meeting ID each day- 500-656-398

Look at the following sample schedule I have listed below - it is NOT required to follow this schedule, but just a helpful resource. This is just a guideline, you're more than welcome to come up with a schedule that works best for you and your family! 

*If you finish all the assignments on the left-hand tabs and would like more resources, the link below has other free things that the students can do online!

Sample Schedule:
30-45 minutes - ReadWorks (Daily passage) or Read Theory (Daily quiz) 
15-20 minutes - Writing roulette (Daily topic)
30-35 minutes - Prodigy
20 minutes - Discovery Ed Social Studies Assignments/Videos
20 minutes - Discovery Ed Science Assignments/Videos


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