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Anna Poole 
Welcome to a wonderful year in 4th grade

Anna Boone

Today students are taking the NC Check in math test. This is a test that does not count against them in any way. The data will be used at the state level to decide if this is a program that will be used in all schools. Students do not need to worry or stress about it. The test will in no way effect their grade. We will get to use the test after students take it as a review tool. I think this will be a great study tool to prepare for EOGs. The test will be starting at 9:30 today, and students should be done by 11. 


In Friday folders I am sending home a copy of our conference forms from our conferences last week. This is for you to keep. You do not have to sign and return them. The behavior sheet will be in folders this week, and will need to be signed and returned. 


Please check Power School online to stay up to date on student grades. I update grades daily on Power School. If you have trouble logging in let me know and I will direct you to someone who can get you all set up! 


If you have any questions or concerns please let me know!


Anna Poole

Spelling list!!

  1. veteran

  2. cotton

  3. penguin

  4. ecosystem

  5. colon

  6. satin

  7. heaven

  8. ribbon

  9. organism

  10. prism