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Welcome! The adventure awaits in 4th grade! 

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Open note Science Test Tuesday on the 3 heat transfers
Math test on Module 3 Monday
Reading test Thursday 

Current class vocabulary list below! Coming soon!
  1. Ordinary- nothing special, common

    Ex. The pen was ordinary, so I knew how to use it.

  2. Groaned- to make a deep moaning sound caused by pain or sadness

    Ex. I groaned when I hit my leg on the corner of the coffee table.

  3. Anxious- experiencing worry or nervousness about an event or something with an unknown outcome.

    Ex. I felt anxious about what I would score on my math test.

  4. Bustle- to move in an excited and noisy manner

    Ex. The children bustle as they leave the school before winter break.

  5. Rummage – to search for something in a messy or untidy way.

    Ex. I had to rummage under my bed to find my favorite toy.

  6. Mumble- to say something quietly where it is hard to hear.

    Ex. I mumbled the answer to the math question in class because I was scared to say it out loud.

  7. Absent- not present in a place or there.

    Ex. Bob was absent from school because he was sick.

  8. Discouraged- having low confidence, feeling down.

    Ex. I was discouraged when my team lost the game.

  9. Injuries- being harmed or damaged.

    Ex. I suffered from injuries after falling at recess.

  10. Furious- very angry

    Ex. I was furious when my friend told my secrete.

  11. Glisten- to shine and glitter.

    A sparkling light as if something is wet.

    Ex. The sunlight glistened off the foil.

  12. Assured- confident.

    Ex. I was assured that I was right when the teacher agreed with my answer.

  13. Scramble- to make your way quickly and awkwardly

    To scatter around

    Ex. I scrambled the pieces of the puzzle so the next person could solve it.

  14. Queasy- feeling of being sick

    Ex. I felt queasy after the rollercoaster.

  15. Hesitate- to pause before doing something, to feel uncertain.

Ex. I had to hesitate before I speak in front of a crowd.


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