Upcoming Projects

Science Recycling Letter
Research ways we could start recycling at RMA. How much would it cost? Who do we need to contact? - Wed

Write a letter to Mr. Dishmon asking if we can start recycling at RMA. Include information about how to do it and how much it would cost - 9/27

Narrative Writing Rough Draft - Fri

Math Money Project Part 2 -LATE
Organize your 4 numbers into 4 labeled boxes on a blank sheet of paper.
In each box, label and re-write each the number in each of the following forms:
1. Standard Form
2. Expanded Form
3. Word Form
4. Unit Form
**Organization and neatness count!**

Math Money Project Part 1 - LATE
Please keep track of exactly how much your family spends on the following categories this month. Be specific, and do not round. 
1. Groceries
2. Bills
3. Cell Phone
4. School Supplies