What Are We Learning?

10.19- 10.23


Next week we will be learning about: 

CAFE: Begin to talk about theme and central message and relating it to Fables and Folktales


Module 2 Lesson 8- solving one step addition and subtraction problems using weight

Module 2 Lesson 10- estimate measure and liquid volume

Module 2- continue word problems with measurement

Science: Phases of the moon

Writing:  Opinion writing- I wanna new room writing. Final draft will be due by Friday

Spelling words for 10.19- 10.30

Long-I VCV  


  1. pilot  

  1. silent 

  2.  diner

  3.  writer 

  4.  tiger

  5.  pirate 

  6.  private 

  7.  pirate 

  8.  spiral 

  9.  biker