What Are We Learning?

Next week, we will jump right in to our reading and math standards. 


In reading we will begin working on asking and answering questions using the question words who, what, where, when, why and how to show understanding of key details in a text. (RL.2.1) We will also be continuing practicing our Daily 5 centers. 




In math, we will begin subtracting single-digit numbers from multiples of 10 within 100. (2.OA.2)

Social Studies: 

In social studies we will be learning about why it is important for citizens to participate in their community. (2.C & G.2.2) 

We are following the Fry's Third 100 Words list this year for sight words! We are starting with the first 5 words this week!
 ( high, every, near, add, food )


In writing we will continue practicing our personal narratives. (W.2.3)