What Are We Learning?

Week of 9/8

: We will be finding the main idea in passages and talking about how the key details support the main idea.  Main idea quiz on Friday.

Math: Module 1 Lessons 9-10 (distributive property--taking arrays apart to show different multiplication equations.  Mid Module 1 Assessment will be Friday. Topics covered in mid module 1 will include:
-making arrays from a multiplication equation
-making a multiplication equation from an array
-writing a division sentence when the number of groups is unknown
-writing a division sentence when the size of the groups is unknown
Social Studies: We will be reviewing what it means to be a good citizen, local government, and the three types of communities.  Test will be on Tuesday.

Spelling words for 9/7 - 9/18:

  1. Long e spelling pattern:

  2. beat 

  1. sneak  

  1. stream  

  1. reef 

  1. heel  

  1. leap  

  1. speech 

  1. geese 

  1. freeze