Weekly Newsletter

Ms. Richman’s Class


Welcome to Kindergarten! I am so excited to work with your child this year! This will be a fun journey and we will learn so much along the way! Each week I will be posting this weekly newsletter to our class website that will provide you with information on what students are learning as well as weekly reminders and announcements. Please take a few moments and look over this newsletter to learn more about our class!


Birthdays: On the last Friday of the month at 1:45pm we will have a birthday celebration for all students that had a birthday that month. Families of those students celebrating a birthday are welcome to send in cupcakes, chips, cookies, and other snacks. Please let me know via Class Dojo if you plan on sending in food to the celebration and what it is so I can ensure we have a variety of snacks. Thank you! The celebration for October birthdays will be May 17th.

: Homework will be sent home on Mondays. Students have the week to complete the homework before they return it in their folders to school on Friday. Students must also read 10 minutes a night and record it on their reading log. Students will also be given homework that focuses on naming letters of the alphabet, rhyming words, syllables, initial sounds, and final sounds.

Ice Cream: Just a reminder that if you don't want your child to receive ice cream then I need to receive a note stating this. Students get their ice cream during snack time.

Snack: Every afternoon we have snack before students leave for the day. Please ensure your child has a snack.

: If your child is leaving school via different transportation, I must receive a note stating how that student is leaving school for the day. I can not change their transportation unless I have a note.

Absences: If your child is absent from school, I must receive a physical note from a physician upon their return explaining why the student was absent. A dojo message or email does not suffice. If you're child is absent, we have a catch up folder that you may pick up from school or we will have them take it home when they return to school. The folder contains all the work they have missed in school. The work must be completed at home and returned to class.

Lunch with a parent: You are welcome to have lunch with your child on Fridays during our scheduled lunch time (10:50am-11:15am). This gives every student time to adjust to the expectations at lunch time. When you do have lunch with your child, please sit at the very last table next to the stage in the cafeteria. Thank you!

Wish List

Ottoman x6

Walmart gift card

Gallon ziploc bags

Target gift card

Amazon gift card

Dry Erase Markers

Clorox wipes

Whiteboard erasers

Page protectors


Monday: Art and Music

Tuesday: P.E.

Wednesday: Spanish

Thursday: Music

Friday: P.E. and Media

Please ensure your child brings appropriate shoes on the days we have PE.

Classroom Rules

·        Listen and follow directions

·        Be kind

·        Raise your hand before speaking

·        Stay in your seat

·        Try your best at all times!


Please ensure your child arrives between 7:30am-8:00am so we can begin our day of learning promptly at 8:00am. If your child arrives after 8:00am, they will be marked as late.

If your child is going to late or can not make it to school, contact the office at 336-229-0909.

What we are learning!

Math: Graphing.

Word Study: Digraph review.

Writing: Frog animal report.

Reading: Nonfiction texts about the frog lifecycle and types of frogs.

Sight Words: Review

Current Sight Words

like           the
look          for
have        go
see           on
and           I
of             is
can           to
my            a
at            in
it             are
what       you
come      we
all           up
do          they
said       your
he          she
no          be
me         so
that        as
one       was
his         or
with       from
had       here
not        by
an         when
her        but
if           will
there     has
am        him
this       who
did       get
then     some
how     down
out      make
into     now
more   use