Text Markup Strategy

                           Text Markup Strategy:

                         For every Reading passage!


 1. Box in and read the title.Text Box: Little Red Riding Hood
*If there is no title, make a box and create a title!

2. Trace and number the paragraphs.

    *Trace around indentation. Write #s next to each indent.
 3. Stop and think at the end of each paragraph. ¶

      S.T. *Remind yourself to stop and think to find key

                  points and words by writing “S.T.”

4. Circle 3+ keywords/phrases in each paragraph. ¶

 Oval: Wolf *Circle words based on the question, such as  main idea, vocabulary, word structure, etc…

5. Read and label key words in the question.

 <strong>Eyes</strong> Free Stock Photo - Public Domain Pictures  and label.  
*What information is the question is asking for?
*Cross out ridiculous answers.

6. Prove your answer with ¶ numbers.

P. or #_____   *Locate and write the paragraph where you found your answer!

7. Mark or write your complete answer!