Classwork/Homework Policy


Students will be working on daily interactive lessons in all subjects. We will work on the material in class.  They will have time to work at an appropriate pace to produce their best work and to meet the expectations of the assignment.   

If classwork is not completed during the school day, students will be responsible to complete it for homework.  Grades will not be affected.

Students will need to read every night to work on their stamina and to practice their Café Reading strategies. There will be some days that their reading is completed in class. Normally, writing on their reading will be done in class.  Occasionally, writing on their reading will be assigned as homework.

My hope is that students will take their time out of school to spend quality time with their families, reflect on what they learned that day, and get a good night sleep.

Please ask your child to tell you about their day and what they learned.  Reflect on any mistakes and turn them into positives to do better the next day.  I feel when we work together we can help guide your child to becoming their overall best self.