Putt Putt Trips April 1-5

Putt Putt Field Trips for Elementary Students April 1-5
Posted on 03/29/2019
Putt PuttElementary classes will take field trips to Putt Putt Golf & Games this week. The cost of this trip was included in the Physical Education Fee paid at the beginning of the school year.

Be sure to send your child to school with appropriate footwear and clothing on the day of their trip. According to school policy, students who owe money for lunch, before/after school care, books, etc. will not be allowed to attend.

Date  Time  Teachers
 Monday, April 1
 8:30 am
 5th Grade (Guifarro & Johnson)
   12:00 pm
 5th Grade (Poole) & 4th Grade (Horning)
 Tuesday, April 2
 8:30 am
 4th Grade (Lucas & Roswick)
   12:00 pm
 3rd Grade (Bradshaw & Rives)
 Wednesday, April 3
 8:30 am
 3rd Grade (Maness) & 2nd Grade (Lovette)
   12:00 pm
 2nd Grade (Hines & Moore)
 Thursday, April 4
 8:30 am
 1st Grade (Gillan & Loy)
   12:00 pm
 1st Grade (Murray) & Kindergarten (Little)
 Friday, April 5
8:30 am
 Kindergarten (Cox & Richman)