Prom 2016

Prom - March 31
Posted on 03/19/2017
PromIt's Prom Time! The high school Prom is Friday, March 31 from 8:00 pm to midnight. Tickets are $25 and are on sale beginning March 20 through March 28. The Prom will be held at the Holly Hill Mall and Business Center (in the former American Eagle store location.)


1. What entrance do I use to get into the dance?
  Enter through the doors near Super Fitness (the Smith School Road side of the Mall.) The dance is in the former American Eagle store in the center of the Mall.
 2. What about security at the dance?
  Security Guards and River Mill Academy staff will be present the entire time of the dance.
 3. Can I leave and return to the dance?
   No. If you leave the dance for any reason, you will not be readmitted.
 4.  I'm in high school. Can I leave school early on the day of the Prom?
  Yes. Students with Prom Tickets will be allowed to leave school at 11:00 am.
 5. I'm in high school. What if I'm absent from school on the day of the Prom?
  High School students who are not present at school on Friday, March 31 will not be allowed to attend the Prom.