Pre-ACT Test for 10th Graders

Pre-ACT Test for 10th Graders - March 16
Posted on 02/26/2021
Pre-ACTTenth graders will take the PreACT in-person on Tuesday March 16, 2021. In North Carolina, all tenth graders take the PreACT. This assessment measures what students have learned in their courses and helps educators identify the information that students still need to learn to succeed in college or a career. 

Student drop off will start at 7:30am following the normal student drop off procedure at the back of the middle school gym. Student drivers can park in any open spot along the side of the building or in the student parking lot. Upon arrival students will be screened by having their temperature checked and a COVID questionnaire completed. Students need to be in their testing location by 8:00am. Testing will be completed by 11:00am, unless testing with accommodations. Student pick up will follow normal dismissal procedures at the back of the middle school gym. Masks are required.