High School Exam Schedule

High School Fall Semester Exam Schedule
Posted on 12/10/2017

High school students will be taking first semester exams December 13-18. Testing begins promptly at 7:45 am. High school students will be dismissed at 11:45 am during testing. High school students may be exempt from final examinations in classes where they have maintained an "A" average throughout the course and have three or fewer absences. As a reminder, no student is exempt from an EOC, NC Final Exam, or CTE test. State End-of-Course exams and final exams count as 25% of the final grade. Please make every effort to have your student in attendance and on time on these important days.

Wednesday, December 13 - 1st Block final exam/EOC
Thursday, December 14 - 2nd Block final exam/EOC
Friday, December 15 - 3rd Block final exam/EOC
Monday, December 18 - 4th Block final exam/EOC