Final Exam Exemptions

High School Final Exam Exemptions
Posted on 11/29/2020
Exam ExemptionsDuring the week of December 7-11, teachers will contact the parents of students who are exempt from their teacher made final exams. As a reminder, all students are required to take End of Course (EOC) Exams.  

Below are the exemption requirements for core classes (Mathematics, English and Language Arts, Social Studies and Science).

  • Exemptions apply only to seniors.
  • Student must maintain a course average of 90 or higher.
  • Student must have three or fewer absences for the course (excused or unexcused).
  • Students must have five or fewer late arrivals to school over the course of the semester (excused or unexcused).
  • Students in grades 9-11 may be exempt from elective final exams using the above criteria.