Fall Portraits

Fall Portraits - September 5 & 6
Posted on 08/28/2018
Fall Portraits

Pictures for the 2018-2019 yearbook will be taken on Wednesday, September 5 and Thursday, September 6. Students in elementary school will also pose for a group photo of their class. The group photos will be taken in the middle school gym and individual photos will be taken in the dance room.

Portraits will be available for purchase after proofs are sent home. Flyers were distributed to students so that parents can choose the background. Please return the form to your child's teacher on or before picture day.

 Wednesday, September 5
Time  Station 1
 Station 2
 8:15  1st Grade - Loy
 1st Grade - Murray
 8:40  1st Grade - Gillan  K - Little
 9:05  K - Richman  K - Little
 9:30  2nd Grade - Moore  2nd Grade- Hines
 9:55  2nd Grade - Lovette  3rd Grade - Bradshaw
 10:20  3rd Grade - Maness  3rd Grade - Rives
 10:45  6th Grade  (Berger, Adelman, McPherson)
 11:10  7th Grade  (Smythe, Scott, Huggins)

 Thursday, September 6
Time  Station 1
 Station 2
 8:15  4th Grade - Horning
 4th Grade - Lucas
 8:40  4th Grade - Roswick  5th Grade - Johnson
 9:05  5th Grade - Poole  5th Grade - Guifarro            
 9:30  Bunn (9th)
 Perkins (10th & 11th)
 Cox (9th, 10th, 11th)
 9:55  J Wilson (9th)
 Weis (11th)
 Stewart (11th)
 Cushing (9th)
 10:20  Schliebe (10th)
 Allison (9th & 10th)
 10:45  Powell (11th)
 Surratt (8th Grade)
 11:10  Dragon (8th Grade)
 Adams (8th Grade)
 11:40  Last call all grades

Fall Portraits Flyer