Middle School Art Assignments


Cardboard Masks Inspired by the Art of Pablo Picasso

Students should look at the art of Picasso.  Study the African Masks that Picasso liked and began to mix into his art style.  Make 3 observational drawings, focusing on the light, medium, and dark tones, shadows, proportion, shape, and patterns.  The masks are simplified faces and unreal depictions.  Usually the masks are symmetrical.   You are to design your own mask representing your identity.  You should express what mood you are in, what interests you have and exaggerate the features of your face all in a cardboard mask construction.   Add colors, textures, paint, marker, crayon, beads, feathers, strange papers or decorative items.  Express your self with style and craftsmanship.

 Ideas to Include:

 ears, forehead, eyes, eyebrows, bags under eyes, exaggerated mouth, nose, hair texture and style, beards, mustaches, piercings, etc.

Make sure you can see and speak through your mask

Build up the texture and structure of your mask so it is dimensional

Add lots of color to support the Mood of your mask

Photograph the finished mask and email a copy to: swilson@rivermill-academy.org

Let’s try to have a mask art show on the Middle School Art Page.