What Are We Learning?

11/22 - 11/26

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This week we will be learning about: 

CAFE: Structure of a fiction story- beginning, middle, and end. Test on Tuesday.  For the rest of the week we will be discussing how characters respond to events in a story.

Math: Module 3--Place value within 1,000.  Making a number by using place value disks.  Comparing numbers with the greater than or less than symbol.  Math quiz on place value disks Tuesday.

Social Studies: Government unit--what are the three types of government.  What is a democracy?

Spelling/Phonics: Short and long vowel diagraphs (ay, ai, eigh, ey, ee, ea, oa, oe, ow).  
Students will be working with long a/short a words for their spelling homework.

Sight words: more, way, go, could, come, did, get, part, find, made

Writing: Steps of the writing process.  Narrative writing about a time they want on a trip.