What Are We Learning?

Next week, we will continue to participate in all centers in CAFE and math. 


In reading we will continue working on knowing and using various text features to locate key facts or information in a text efficiently. (RI.2.5)



In math, we will continue measuring and estimating lengths using non-standards units and move in to using standard units. (2.MD.1)

Social Studies: 

In social studies we will finish up explaining government services and their value to the community (2.C&G.1.1)

In science we will summarize how energy from the sun serves as a source of light that warms the land, air and water. (2.E.1.1)

We are following the Fry's Third 100 Words list this year for sight words! Sight words for this week: last, school, father, keep, tree.


In writing we will continue practicing our personal narratives using the writing process. (W.2.3