Marine Science

Marine Science 

River Mill Academy  
Pauline Johnson ( 
Course Description:
In this course, students will be presented with concepts of marine science that will build upon concepts learned in earth science and biology. The units of study will include Phase I: Understanding the Ocean and Its Processes, Phase II: Research and Analysis – Interpreting Satellite Imagery and Analyzing Animal Movements and Phase III: Understanding Human Impacts on the Ocean.  Students will learn through a variety of methods including reading, lecture, media, discussion, critical thinking activities
and laboratory work.    
Marine Science: The Dynamic Ocean 
(Authored by Meghan E. Marrero, Ed.D & Glen Schuster, M.S.) 

Required Materials:

3-Ring Binder 1 ½ - 2” (for this class only)


Notebook Paper

Pencil and/or Pen (blue or black ink)

Composition Notebook

Coastal Marine Science Field Trip

One of the highlights of this course has been a coastal field trip experience.  Due to the uncertainty of this time period (caused by the COVID-19 pandemic), it is unclear if this trip will be a possibility for the current school year. We hope to have more information in the coming months.

What to pack? (Just in case)

Sunscreen, bug repellent, comfortable shoes, shoes that may get wet, layers of clothing for warm and cool weather, camera or cell phone, toiletries, shower shoes, personal pillow & blanket (linens are provided by Duke University), money for souvenirs. Students are welcome to bring their own science tools like buckets and nets; however, group materials we be provided for exploration.