Math III
I will be posting information about Math III here as well as on the calendar page and by email.

March 30 - April 3

Monday, March 30, 2020-I will. be resending links to assignments that students have not completed

Tuesday March 31, 2020-On the Schoology website, there is a quiz titled Functions End behavior.

Wednesday April 1, 2020-Math III students, check email for links to three assignments reviewing the properties of logarithms.

Thursday April 2, 2020- Check school email for a link to practice questions about logarithms.

Friday, April 3, 2020-Check school email for links to assignments in which you will solve logarithmic equations. Also I am re-sending past links if there are some you did not finish. So some of you will see more links than others.

There is also an assignment on the Schoology website called Bias and Variability Revisited. They are questions you have seen before. This might be a good refresher before we watch the webinar on the AP Youtube channel on Monday.

MARCH 23-27

Monday March 23, 2020-Math III students check your email for links to three review assignments about polynomials and their end behaviors.

Tuesday March 24, 2020-Math III students, check email today for links to 3 review assignments about the roots of polynomials and synthetic division. 

Wednesday March 25, 2020-Math II students, check school email for links to assignments that review Completing the square. Remember that is where you have a quadratic equation. You take the middle term divide it by 2, square it to create a new third term but then whatever you added in the third term, you subtract outside the parentheses. 

Example: x2 + 6x - 5.
Step one-(x2 + 6x     ) - 5          Leave a space
Step two-(x2 + 6x + 9) - 5 - 9       (The 9 is half of six squared. It is added inside the parentheses and subtracted outside
Step three-(x + 3)(x + 3) - 14      
Step four-(x + 3)2 - 14             You have rewritten the equation in vertex form. Now it is easy to see what the coordinate of the vertex is. 

Thursday March 26, 2020-Math III students, check school email for a link to an assignment in which you will be practicing factoring quadratics that have a leading coefficient greater than zero.

Friday March 27, 2020-Math III students, there is a Schoolnet assignment containing question about functions and polynomials. The code is MATH3327.


Completely factor 6x2 + 7x - 3
Step 1 multiply the leading coefficient by the constant 6 x -3 = -18

Step 2
What are the factors of -18? +/- 1 x 18, 2 x 9, 3 x 6 

Step 3 Which two numbers give us a difference of 7? (the middle coefficient) Ans: -2 and 9

Step 4 Set up binomials using those two numbers (x + 9)(x - 2)

Step 5 Divide the numbers in the binomial by the leading coefficient (simplify the fractions) 
9/6 = -3/2       -2/6 = 1/3         

Step 6 Put the denominators of the fractions in the front of the binomials. (2x + 3)(3x - 1)

MARCH 16-20

Monday March 16, 2020-Math III students, please check your email for links to assignments. You may receive more than one if you have any you did not do before.

Tuesday March 17, 2020-Our next topic is volume of 3-dimensional figures. Click on the link and take a look at the notes on the webpage. Make sure you know how to use the formulas. Practice questions to follow.

Then check email for links to practice assignments.

Wednesday March 18, 2020-I found a pretty good video about volume of 3d figures.

I assigned it on Edpuzzle.

Also Schoolnet questions. 
Code TU3DY5

Thursday March 19, 2020-Check email for a link to Inverse Function Practice. This is one of the first topics we covered at the beginning of the semester.

Friday March 20, 2020-Click on the link to the Edpuzzle Video that I made. Watch the video and answer a few questions.