Rebecca Rollings

Rebecca Rollings - 1st Grade


Ms. Rollings


Week of 9/16

-- We will be learning about leaves this week. Please collect a few leaves from your house and send them in to school in a zip lock bag with your child's name on it by WEDNESDAY. I will send an email reminder as well.

-- New spelling words this week. There are no specific activities the kids need to do but we will be having a spelling test on Friday, so practice these with your kids. 

 -- Homework for this week is Eureka Lessons 25-29. Please only complete 1 page per night as the lessons correlate with what we are teaching them that day. Your children are also expected to read or be read to for at least 15 minutes each night. There is a reading log in their homework folder.

-- Please keep homework in the sleeve in their homework folder. Do not place homework in a different location in their folder. On Mondays we will look in that particular sleeve.

-- Please make sure your child has money in their lunch account for ice cream. If there is no money in their account, then they cannot get ice cream and the kids get very upset about this.

-- Please make sure you are signing your child's behavior log EVERY night.