Congratulations to our Student Artists

Congratulations to Visual Arts Competition Winners
Posted on 03/20/2019
Visual Arts Competition

Student artwork from the 61st Visual Arts Competition for Young People will be on display at the Alamance Arts Center (Captain White House, 213 S. Main Street, Graham) from March 21 to May 3.

Award winners will be recognized at 7:00 pm on March 21.

     Sara Green              Courtney Talley        Spenser Jennings
Sara Green      Courtney Talley  Spenser Jennings

 Middle School Winners
 Mixed Media 2-D
 Place  Name  Title
 2nd Place
 Ethan Weist
 Catopoly Game
 Honorable Mention  Courtney Talley  Mermaid Monster
 Pencil Drawing
 Place  Name  Title
 1st Place  Saona Wilcox  Horse Geometry
 Honorable Mention
 Grace Smith  It's Raining Mannequins
 Honorable Mention  Laurel Ann Whitney  Robot Panda

 High School Winners
 Pencil/Color Pencil
 Place  Name  Title
 2nd Place
 Rhiana Barnes  Details in Shoe Design
 3rd Place  Marlayana Merrill  Paper Bags in Graphite
 Honorable Mention  Katie Gomez  Lines and Tesellations
 Honorable Mention  Olivia Summers  Dragon Poker
 Place  Name  Title
 Honorable Mention  Sarah Green  Faces of Africa
 Crayon/Marker Drawing
 Place  Name  Title
 1st Place  Spenser Jennings  Music and Movement
 Honorable Mention  Maegan Merrill  Patterned Tessellation
 Foil Paper Etching
 Place  Name  Title
1st Place
 Rhiana Barnes  Eagle's Glory
2nd Place  Matthew Horvath  Koala Study
3rd Place
 Avery Marrs  Big Cat
Honorable Mention  Makenzie Fuller  Penguin Pride
Honorable Mention  Avery Dorsett  Zebra
Honorable Mention  Jude Whitney  Tiger Cub
 Stained Glass
 Place  Name  Title
 1st Place
 Carson Talley  Tar Heel or Tarheel Statement