Historical Figure notes

Historical Figure Notes

Harriet Tubman

Freed over 300 slaves
- Born 1820s

  • Slavery was a terrible system that allowed people to own other people, just like property
  • Her name is Araminta (Slave Name)
  • At 12, she worked in the fields. She had a 2 pound metal object thrown at her head. It caused permanent damage.
  • Escaped to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Harriet’s name came from her mom
  • Conductor of the underground railroad.
    • Underground Railroad- Men and Women would help slaves become free (food, shelter, & refuge)
  • She was a nurse & spy
  • Died in 1913
  • Helped African American and Women
  • Married in 1844


Jesse Owens

  • First black male to go to the Olympics (happens every 4 years, many different sports of different countries come together to compete for Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals
  • Born Sept 12, 1913
  • In high school, his nick name is the Buckeye Bullet
  • Went to the Olympics in 1936 held in Germany. Won 4 gold medals
  • Died March 21, 1980 from lung cancer
  • Remembered as the fastest man alive
  • Became a Doctor in 1972
  • Jesse Married a women named Ruth Solomon in 1935


Rosa Parks

-Civil Rights Activist- Someone who fights for equal rights and freedom of African Americans

  • Known as the mother of the Freedom Movement
  • Born in 1913
  • 1924- Moved to Pine Level (area in Alabama)
  • Racism- When people are mistreated because of the color of their skin
  • 1943- Joined the NAACP (fights for African American rights)
  • 1955- Arrested for not giving up her seat on the bus
  • Montgomery Bus Boycott- When African Americans refused to ride buses in Montgomery
  • 1956- Supreme court ruled that African Americans could sit anywhere on the bus
  • 1996- Earned the Presidential Medal of Freedom
  • 2005 – died at 92

    Jackie Robinson

  • Basketball, Baseball, Track, and Football (first African American to get varsity letters)
  • He was arrest for refusing to move from the back of the bus (like Rosa Parks)
  • 1947- joined the Brooklyn Dodgers
  • 1955- Won the world series against the Yankees
  • 1957- He retired from baseball
  • 1972- Died from a heart attack
  • 1919- Born in Georgia
  • In 1942, Jackie Robinson joined the Army
  • 1962- He was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame