Timeline Project Expectations

What:  Timeline Projects
Due:  March 4th, 2019
Supplies:  Poster Board Size (This is their project- I did not send this because someone may not need the same size)
       -4 to 7 events with year (except their 1st birthday, month/day/ year)
       -pictures or illustrations depicting the event
Further information:  
       -We spent Friday and Monday working on the project, as you know the rest needs to be completed at home.  

       - They need to have a "caption" that matches their event, in a complete sentence. For example, "I started kindergarten in 2017 at River Mill Academy. 

       - Poster must be neat and organized 

       - Poster must be colorful

       - Events can be staggered on the timeline with date on top and picture/ caption underneath, or vise versa Picture/ caption on top and date on bottom. 

       - Timeline can be horizontal or Vertical (if vertical birth begins at the bottom)