Revised High School Exam Schedule

Revised High School Exam Schedule
Posted on 12/12/2018
Final ExamsThe schedule for high school exams has been revised due to school being closed earlier this week. Final exams will now begin on Monday, December 17 and continue through Thursday, December 20.

Students enrolled in English 2 and Math 1 for the fall semester will participate in the North Carolina End-of-Course (EOC) tests for English 2 and Math 1. These tests are designed to survey students' knowledge and mastery of concepts. The tests are an important assessment tool for helping us to gauge individual, grade level and school-wide understanding of the state curriculum. Students enrolled in Parenting/Child Development will participate in the North Caroline CTE Exams. Students enrolled in courses that do not have an EOC or CTE test will be taking final exams.

All students will follow this exam schedule:
Monday, December 17
   1st Block - 7:45 am to 11:45 am
Tuesday, December 18
   2nd Block - 7:45 am to 11:45 am
Wednesday, December 19
   3rd Block - 7:45 am to 11:45 am
Thursday, December 20
   4th Block - 7:45 am to 11:45 am

High School students will be dismissed at 11:45 am during testing. Students who would like further preparation for their exams can stay for review sessions after school on December 13 & 14. As a reminder, no one is exempt from an EOC or CTE test. Please make every effort to have your student in attendance and on time on these important days. If you have any questions or concerns regarding exams, please do not hesitate to contact Karen Gobel at 336-229.0909.