Vocabulary words-- Quiz 10/8 TEST 10/25
Week 5 of Vocabulary (10/15- 10/26)


To take in or soak up





A heavy weight on a rope or chain. It is dropped from a boat to keep it from moving.


To hold something firmly in place.





An object made of short, stiff hairs or wires that are fastened to a handle.


To clean, paint or smooth something by using a brush



To touch something lightly by moving against it




a small swelling on a plant that will grow into a twig, flower or leaf





the exact middle of something


A place where people come together for some purpose







The hard middle part of fruits such as apples or pears. It holds the seeds of the plant.




a building or group of buildings where things are made








a young tree









The tall main stem of a tree. This is where its branches grow.


The long nose of an elephant.


a large box or case with a lid that can be shut and locked


The covered part at the back of a car. It is used for carrying suitcases and other objects.




The place where bees live.