Mikala Hines
Bring in box tops- Now until December! 
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Spirit Week:

Monday-  Career day

Tuesday- Tye- Dye

Wednesday- Holiday Hump Day (Dress like your favorite Holiday)

Thursday- Internet/ Famous Day

Friday- School Spirit Day

In-class Science field trip on December 14th, please bring $8.50 by December 12th. 

 Upcoming Tests & Quizzes

Vocabulary- 12/29 Quiz && 12/6 Test

Spelling- 11/30 Quiz (sort) && 12/7 Test

Cafe- 12/6 Quiz && 12/7 Test Math- 12/12 Test

Social Studies- Project until Christmas

What We Are Learning

Cafe- We are introducing comparing and contrasting. They are going to be comparing and contrasting characters, settings, thoughts, feelings, actions, and events within the story. Toward the end of the month, we are going to be introducing main idea and we will pick back up with main idea when we come back from break. We are always consistently reviewing past skills.

Social Studies and Writing- We are studying winter celebrations. From now until Christmas, they will be taking notes and creating a poster or skit, as a final result. They will have 1 test and 1 quiz in the upcoming weeks. We are going to be learning about Hanukkah, St. Lucia, St. Nicholas, Kwanzaa, and Christmas.

Math- We are going to continue the vertical method and looking at numbers and being about to change or manipulate the place value by naming it with a different unit. So for example, 200. Knowing that is 2 hundreds but also 1 hundred, 9 tens, and 10 ones- relating it back to the vertical method and building the conceptual knowledge of why the vertical method works.