Mikala Hines

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 Upcoming Tests & Quizzes

Vocabulary- 2/21 Quiz && 2/28 Test

Spelling- 2/22 Quiz (sort) && 3/1 Test

Cafe- 2/20 Quiz & Project 2/21-2/22 Math- Quiz 2/22 & 2/20 Test

Science- Test by 2/22 Social Studies- Quiz or test on 2/22

What We Are Learning

Cafe- For the next couple of weeks, students will be working on sequencing and timelines. We are reviewing sequencing of story elements this week and moving into timelines and incorporating black history month and historical figures with writing and social studies.

Science- Students will be working on animal adaptations and animal classifications moving forward. Students will be working on a poster after collecting facts and information. We have been working to collect notes in our notebooks to use for their test at the end of the unit. Writing- We will continue the adaptation project until Tuesday. We will then be working on a project to compare Valentine's Day and and President's Day. Math- In math we are introducing a new skill of repeated addition. They have to find or draw equal groups to create a number sentence to introduce early multiplication skills. A phrase they are practicing are "There are ___ groups of ___ counters (flowers, stars, hearts, etc) Social Studies- In a couple weeks, they will be working to learn about different historical figures and incorporating black history month. They will also learn about Valentine's Day and President's Day to then compare and contrast the 2 different holidays.