8th Grade Language Arts

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Parents and students can now find the daily agenda and homework using the Calendar tab to the left. I will update the agenda every afternoon!


               For 8th grade graduation, we will be showing a slideshow of pictures as you walk across the stage and graduate. YOU will be responsible for creating your own creative picture collage/slide. The requirements are simple:

  • Create ONE slide in PPT
  • Must include your name at the top in any font (44pt) font—Please make this bold!
  • Must include 5-6 pictures of varying ages-you may tilt them any way you please.
  • Must have a colored background

 These are due on Friday, April 12th (please submit via email and name it “Slideshow”). You have to ATTACH the file – you cannot “share” it or it will not copy correctly into the main file.

To view digital files of assignments, click the "Files" tab (to the left).


                                               Mrs. Surratt in 8th grade.