Civil War and Reconstruction
Civil War


NC Reconstruction

Industrialization in North Carolina

Industry (Post Civil War)

Using your digital textbook complete the following assignment. 

From your digital textbook read section 9.3: Reconstruction in North Carolina. Once you complete the reading answer the following questions on a separate sheet of paper that you will turn in to me. J


  1. What were the “Black Codes?”
  2. What military district was NC in and how long did Federal occupation last?
  3. Why did Congress initially refuse to seat NC delegates?
  4. President Johnson and Congress clashed over Reconstruction policy. List and explain two.
  5. The 15th Amendment was passed in 1869. What did it prohibit?
  6. In 1867, how many African Americans attended the State Constitutional Convention?
  7. Who was John Hyman?
  8. In 1871 Governor William Holden was the first governor in American history to be _________.
  9. Name two other African Americans from NC to serve in the US Congress during the late nineteenth century.
  10. Explain the “Wilmington Riot Race.”