Tammy Powell

Exam Schedule
1st Block: Monday 12/17
2nd Block: Tuesday 12/18
3rd Block: Wednesday 12/19
4th Block: Thursday 12/20

As discussed in class, all exam questions will come directly from your tests this semester. You will be able to use your one pagers on the exam. These will be used to assist you with essay questions. 
American History: Civil War and Reconstruction test will be given the day we return which will most likely be Thursday
World History: The WWI test will be given the day we return which will most likely be Thursday. Study your webquest questions and vocabulary. Remember, you only need to study the questions and vocabulary we marked in class. If you did not mark the questions you will need to know everything or contact a classmate.   

 Welcome to my website!! This year you will experience a new type of classroom with many projects and "digging for answers" activities. Now before you begin to worry, the majority of work will be completed in class. To stay informed please click the appropriate link(s) from the list. I do my best to update daily and post assignments on the calendar. However, we all know how technology works and sometimes you will not have access. This does not excuse you from an assignment because I will also post in the classroom. This is why a planner is needed. 

Remember, I am here for you!!!

The only way you can fail my class is to not participate and/or complete your work. This is a new year of new beginnings, and I know you can be successful.