Don Carlson

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I have taken over the classes for Mr. Adelman. I am working on this website and should have it current soon.

To navigate this site, select your class from the list to the left. You will find a calendar which will have test and quiz dates, and assignments. There will also be folders in each class for the units we are covering that contain notes and instruction, assignments, practice tests, and other help.

I am continuing to use Xtramath and Khan Academy as learning resources. All students have been signed up for xtramath and have been given instructions on how to sign up for Khan. I would like all students to participate in these online learning experiences. HS students already take online classes and many of the end of year tests are moving to online formats. Here are the Khan Academy class codes. any student under the age of 13 must have a parent set up a parent account and add their child/children, 

Math Challenge: F9CFY45V          Period 1: 25Z6X6ES              Period 2: V7TTD9DP

Period 3: 75EKH5YQ                  Period 4: QFC2U4ZW         Optional Programing:6QV5STAF

Last update 9/15/18