Field Trip INFO...

  • The buses will be pulling out at 7 am, please be here and ready to board to buses around 6:45. 
  • Students should eat breakfast before boarding the buses.
  • Students should wear appropriate shoes for walking on the grounds -- it may be muddy, so older shoes are recommended. 
  • Students might want to dress in layers -- it will be cooler in the morning and warmer in the afternoon. Dress code still applies on this field trip. 
  • Check the weather for that day -- you may want to bring a rain jacket or an umbrella. 
  • Do not bring your bookbag to school! 
  • Students can use their phones on the buses, but we want students to be PRESENT when they are in the Renaissance Fair. You paid for this experience, so get your money's worth! Don't be distracted by your phone.  
  • You should expect to pay around $10 - $15 for lunch, and might want to bring extra money for rides, games, and souvenirs. (We suggest around $40) 

PLEASE check the Assignment page for your class DAILY. 

All homework assignments, class work, testing dates, and project due dates will be posted on these pages daily.

1.  Please check the supply list for each  class.
2.  Please pick up a syllabus for my class at Orientation on August 7th
3.  Contact information should be returned no later than August 16th.

Contacting me through my direct email at...
{} is the BEST option.  I will respond within 24 hours.