Behavior Expectations


Behavior system:  Our class will be using a color clip chart as a way to monitor behavior each day. The chart consists of 7 different colors: Pink=Super student, Purple=Great Job, Blue=Good choices, Green=Ready to learn, Yellow= Think about it, Orange= Teacher’s choice & Red= Parent contact or office referral (possibly both.) Each student will have a clothespin with their name and assigned number on it. They will move up for positive choices/behavior, and down for negative. If a child is asked to move down on the chart, they will be allowed to move their clip up if their behavior improves throughout the day. At the end of the day we will mark in their folder what color they ended on. We will have a prize box that they may visit each Friday or privilege cards they can pick from if they had a good week with 3 or more “good days.” Good days consist of pink or purple so that we do not run out of prize box items every week....While on the other hand, if the week isn’t so good consequences include silent lunch, walking laps at recess, or losing computer time during centers. Generally they will walk 3 laps for yellow, 6 laps for orange, and the whole recess if they are on red ( depending upon the behavior). I do not like to make the students move their clips down, but please know that it is very important for them to learn what is appropriate in the beginning so we can avoid any issues as the year progresses. You will be notified of what color your child is on each day on a chart in their folder, and if necessary through email or phone call.