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Check out the tabs for important information, announcements, and updates in our classroom.  The "What Are We Learning" tab will be updated weekly!‚Äč

Hi Parents,
I have created a tab called "Extended Learning" linked on the left side of this page.  This tab includes reading, math, science, spelling, and writing resources.  Each week while we're out, I will update this homepage with the page numbers I recommend your child doing.  If you don't want to print these sheets out, students can write their answers on a piece of notebook paper.

I encourage you to set aside time each day for your child to focus on reading and math assignments.  This is to ensure that students are still practicing their skills we have learned this far.

My office hours are 10-12 Monday - Friday.  During these hours you can reach out to me via email, Zoom, etc and I will be readily available.  I will be available throughout the day as well if you have any other questions.

Zoom Schedule:  Monday, Wednesday, Friday 1:30-2:00
Tuesday and Thursday 3:45-4:15

Flipgrid: Don't forget to check Flipgrid and look for new topics I have added.  I love to see your responses!

Daily Check In Google Doc--Your child can go to this google doc each day and answer the questions/prompts and I can respond to them.  This is a great way for the kids and me to stay connected while we are out!

Assignments for Week 4 (4/6-4/9):

This is a suggested schedule for each day of the week.  You may use this if you need help with working through or pacing the assignments:

Week 4 MATH Suggested Assignments (4/6-4/9): 

*There is a math iReady answer key (11 pages) in the math folder under Extended Learning on my website. Students will be working on pages 14-17 this week.

Along with a page each day, try to complete an additional 20 minutes on either Zearn, Xtra math or practice math facts. This can include any educational math game for 20 minutes. 

Monday  In the iReady packet, start with pg. 14  (When your student finishes this page, please send your teacher a picture of it so we can check it for completion.  This is NOT a grade!  You only need to send pg. 14 for this week.) 

Tuesday  Pg. 15 

Wednesday  Pg. 16 

Thursday  Pg. 17 


Week 4 READING Suggested Assignments (4/6-4/9): 

Lesson 2 Finding the Main Topic   

-Don’t forget to read 20 mins. each day to keep your stamina up! 

(When your student finishes pages 11, 12, and 13 please send your teacher a picture of each page so we can check it for completion.  This is NOT a grade!) 

Monday – complete pages 1-2 (Home Sweet Home) 

Tuesday – complete pages 3-4 (Walking to the New World) 

Wednesday  complete pages 5-8 (Who Were the Mound Builders) 

Thursday  complete pages 9-13 (Native American Inventions) 


Week 4 SCIENCE Suggested Assignments (4/6-4/9): 

-Go to Brain Pop Jr. And search “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” and “Spring”.  Watch the video and do the easy or hard quiz afterwards.  There are also games and activities below the video that they can do.  There is a file on our website under Science that explains how to access it all.  

-Maker Station file- pick an activity to do. Then write a 5 sentence reflection on how the activity went. Your reflection can include: what materials did you use, what did you do in your experiment, was your prediction/hypothesis correct? 


Spelling/Writing Suggested Assignments (4/6-4/9): 

Practicing vowel teams- ee and ea 

Start on pg. 4, they can cut and sort the words with the pictures. Then use pg. 5 for a little bingo game to see if they can spot the word when they hear it. Pg. 6 and 7 have little stories so that they can spot the words while they are reading. Continue using any of the worksheets attached in the file. I also added a “word work form” they can use for any of the words they are practicing. 

Spanish (4/6-4/9) 

Let's review the weather:  This week's videos are all a review from our weather unit.  Included is our favorite Weather Rap "El Tiempo".  Show off your Spanish rapping skills by singing this video to your family.  They will be very impressed! 
Monday - weather rap: 
Tuesday - Sesame Street:  Hace calor 
              Hace frio 
Wednesday - Miguel y Sabo cartoon about weather: 
Thursday - Learning Spanish with Joanna: 
Friday - Senor Jordan: 
Senor Basho:


Assignments for Week 3 (3/30-4/3):

This week we have gone through and given a suggested schedule for each day of the week.  You may use this if you need help with working through or pacing the assignments:


Week 3 MATH Suggested Assignments (3/30 - 4/3): 

-Lesson Understand Even and Odd Numbers file 

-Lesson 5 add using arrays 

*There will also be a “teachers addition” file that will be uploaded.  Use this as an extra reference for yourself.  There is also answers in this file. 

Monday - Start with lesson 4 understand even and odd numbers. (Pg. 1-3) – making groups of 2. If everyone has a pair or partner then the total number is even. If there is an object left out then the total number is odd.  

Tuesday – Lesson 4 (Pg. 5-6) We learned that when you look at a 2-digit number for example (15) if they cover the tens place or underline the ones place they focus just on the 5, we know that 5 is an odd number because we cannot make even groups. Since 5 is odd then that makes the number 15 odd. They can also think about we can create the number 15 by adding 10+5, they know that 10 will always be even so we only have to look at the 5.   

Wednesday – Lesson 5 add using arrays (pg. 1-2)  We have talked about how rows are side to side and columns go up and down! We use arrays to help us arrange objects or counters to make them easier to count. I showed them an example if we had 9 hats all spread out we would have to count each individual hat. If they were arranged into an array we could skip count 3 + 3 + 3 to get 9 a lot quicker. 

Thursday – Lesson 5 add using arrays (pg. 3-6) 

Friday – Lesson 5 add using arrays (pg. 7-8) 

Week 3 READING Suggested Assignments (3/30 - 4/3): 

-Lesson 16 – Parts of a Story: think back to when we learned about B, M, E. Each part of a story has a key part to it. In the beginning of the story we learn about the characters, setting, and if there is a problem. In the middle of the story the characters are either working towards solving the problem or the problem gets worse before it can get better. By the end of the story the characters have solved the problem and have figured out the solution of the story. We have also learned that many stories have lessons or morals that the characters experience. 

Monday – complete pages 1-4 (Jasper the Farm Cat) 

Tuesday – complete pages 5-8 (The Case of the Missing Mutt) 

Wednesday – complete pages 9-12 (The Shade Seller) 

Thursday – complete pages 13-14 

Friday – Pick out your own book at home and fill out what happens in the B, M, E. 

Week 3 SCIENCE Suggested Assignments (3/30 - 4/3): 

Maker Station file- pick an activity to do. Then write a 5 sentence reflection on how the activity wentYour reflection can include: what materials did you use, what did you do in your experiment, was your prediction/hypothesis correct? 

Spelling/Writing Suggested Assignments (3/30-4/3): 

-Go to Extended Learning tab on left side of this page and click "spelling/writing".

-Click "spelling/writing” folder and click on "yellow word work" file.  The activities are on page 9-12.  The answers are also included in this file.

Free resources to use during school closure:

Science--Here is the link to BrainPop-free access.
Username: RMAjags235
Password: RMAjags235

This is a google form that is compiling all of the free resources/websites giving free access during the school closures. 

Parents can create a free login to access the science experiments.

Virtual Field Trips 

You can make your own spinner for any subject.  This can be used for writing topics your child can do at home.  All you have to do is edit it to what you want! 



Email me with any questions or concerns: