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Welcome! The adventure awaits in 4th grade! 

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Open note Scoial Studies test Thursday
Science test Thursday on matter notes
Present news article in class Friday
Bowling trip Friday morning

Current class vocabulary list below! 

My side of the mountain vocabulary

  1. envision

    imagine, conceive of, or see in one's mind

    As I envisioned it, I would live by a waterfall in the woods and catch fish on hooks made from the forks of tree limbs, as I had been taught by my father.

  2. survive

    continue to live through hardship or adversity

    I might have been able to do what Sam Gribley does in this book—live off the land, make a home, survive by wits and library research, for I had the knowledge.

  3. edible

suitable for use as food

My father, who was a naturalist and scientist, taught me the plants and animals of eastern forests and showed me where the wild edible fruits and tubers grew.

4.  provide

give what is desired or needed, as support or sustenance

“A falcon will be his provider,” I said to myself

  1. gather

    look for (food) in nature

    I have been just too busy gathering nuts and berries, smoking

    venison, fish, and small game to keep up with the exact date.

  2. folly

    a stupid mistake.

    It marks the northern boundary of Gribley’s folly—the land is no place for a Gribley

  3. tinder

    material that burns easily and is used for starting a fire

    He had told me that if I ran out of tinder, I should burn cloth, and use the charred ashes.

  4. rapid

    a part of a river where the current is very fast

    The heads of riffles, small rapids, the tail of a pool, eddies below rocks or logs, deep undercut banks, in the shade of overhanging bushes—all are very likely places to fish.

  5. frantically

    in an uncontrolled manner

    Seeing the shadows slide down on me, I frantically ran around gathering firewood

  6. plunge

    dash violently or with great speed or impetuosity

    I ran along the log back to shore, took off my clothes, and plunged into that icy water.

  7. inspiration

    arousal of the mind to unusual activity or creativity

    I began to think the whole inspiration of a home in the tree was no good.

  8. snarl

    make an angry, sharp, or abrupt noise

    He would hang his sleepy head out, snarl at me, close his eyes, and slide out of sight.

  9. desperately

    with great urgency

    Thinking that I ought to have a bucket of water in case things got out of hand, I looked desperately around me

  10. fret

    worry unnecessarily or excessively

    Naturally, all this took a lot of time, and I hadn’t gotten very far on my tree, so I was fretting and stamping out the fire when I stopped with my foot in the air.

  11. fringe

a part of the city far removed from the center

At the top of the meadow was a fringe of white birch


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