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Farm-to-Table permission slips are due Friday September 20th - Please be sure to send these in!

 I will be returning to school on September 23rd. Progress reports will be coming out this Friday. I know many of you have seen grades being updated in Power School. I am entering the grades I have received from Mrs. Bare. Power School is great because it can let you know if your child is missing an assignment. If you know your child has done this assignment but it says missing, please remind them to turn it in, that way Mrs. Bare can update it asap. If the assignment has gone missing or something else has happened I will not count late points off. I understand having different homework each night, and not having a weekly packet is new and takes some adjustment. When I return, if your child still has missing work in any category, I plan to set aside some in class make up time. This will allow your child to have that assignment entered for full credit before report cards go out. I will not start taking late points off on assignments until I am back. The school policy is 10 points off per day late. 
If you are concerned about your child's average being low in reading, I do want to let you know that there are only a few assignments so far that have been entered into Power School. There will be more assignments between now and the end of the nine weeks to help pull up averages. If you are looking for practice with passages specifically, is a great site to help. It is free and if you create an account you can see the answer key to check your child's work as well. When I return, we will be using this site to practice passages and each child will have their own log in from me. A site that helps with math is called Prodigy. The students can log on at home and practice any time! They are already using this in class now. If you have questions that were not addressed here please reach out to Mrs. Bare.
Thank You!