Teen Living
This weeks assignment is to write a 1 page reflection-it must include the following:
*What did you like the most about online learning?
*What did you like the least?
*Was it harder or easier than expected?
*What is something positive that you feel has come out of the quarantine?
*Did you find yourself doing more or less of something? Good, bad?

If you are missing any parts of your book, please get them turned in to me by May 15th. I will not accept anything past that date. If you have any questions please reach out to me. 

**Health ABC Book** 
This assignment will be broken up weekly but please continue to build upon your word document, so it will be a "book" at the end. 

Past Assignments:
(Letters  X, Y, Z) Due May 10 by 11:59pm
(Letters U, V, W) Due May 3 by 11:59pm
(Letters P, Q, R, S, T) Due April 26 by 11:59pm
(Letters L, M, N, O) Due April 12 by 11:59pm
(Letters H, I, J, K) Due April 5 by 11:59pm

(Letters D, E, F, G) Due March 29 by 11:59pm

(Letters A, B, C) Due Sunday March 22 by 11:59pm

Please check the document tab to see the instructions and list of words for the assignment