Ladybugs Learning...

Ladybugs are Learning....
Week of November 12th-16th: 

Cafe (Literacy block): We are reading non-fiction stories about fall harvests. We are practicing how good readers ask questions about details from a story. We will also use the book to help us answer our questions as well. Good readers ask questions before they read, while their reading, and after they finish reading, too! 

Sight words: you, what

Previously taught words: I, a, see, like, the, can, is, in, it, on, go, to, look, are, my, and, have, of, for, at

Word Study:  This week we are learning all about letter "Dd".  We will learn how to write the letter, the sound it makes, and words that begin with that letter. 

Writing: We will are practicing how to make a circle map of ideas we have for a sentence. We will include three things that we are thankful for. Then we will use our circle map to write two different sentences about fall harvests. 

Math:  We are continuing Module 3. We are focused on using capacity to compare two objects. We will describe the objects with which object holds the most, least, or two containers that may hold the same amount.