Homework and Reminders
       Understand the Eureka Math
  on line- Eureka Math 4th grade Module3 lesson    for a tutorial

             Read Work due Friday 

All Daily Homework should be written in you student's planner. Please initial in the planner to let me know you have checked their work.

                       Thursday Newspaper Week 10 Test
                        Friday WW L  10 
                                           Spelling and Voc. Test
                        Reading Comprehension
        Your child should be reading in thier
                        Book Report Book                         
                                                                                                      Nov. 12 Vietrans Day No School
             Nov. 16 Grandfather Mountain Trip
             Nov. 22 Thanksgiving
                      Nov. 30 Bowling 
     Sign up to go to Washington DC

      Go to my Links to find sites that will help in
             Eureka Math and EOG Practice Test