Paula Horning

        Washington DC Trip 
Best Christmas Present ever!! Please sign up to go to Washington DC with the class. Your student can experience a once in a lifetime trip. Memories they will never forget!
They will come back with exciting stories and historical facts that they will never forget. 
              Holiday Season
WE will be singing The 12 Days of Christmas at the program this year. 
We will be doing a lot of fun activities this season. Watch for opportunities to help!! Students tell Ms. Horning- I am Thankful for who I am!! secret phrase 
The States and Capitals are moving the MId West. PLease continue to study the Northeastern and Southern states and capitals while we join the MID WEST. The next test will have the states of all 3 regions.

Multiplication Masters-We are in the lead!! We have 10 students who have successfully mastered their 2-12 multiplication facts. They have a certificate and their names on the wall in the lobby!! Keep it uP!!

ALWAYS remember to DO YOUR BEST!
Good, Better, Best
Never let it rest!
Until your Good is Better and
YOUR Better is BEST!!!