Kim Loy

Welcome to First Grade!!

Theme: Citizenship (Social Studies Integration)

Literacy Skill: Digraphs and Long/Short Vowels (adding silent "e" to words)
Sight Words: they, been, come, your, have, here, look, who, this, will
Math: Counting on

September 7th: Progress Reports go home
September 10th: Return signed Progress Reports
September 27th: Make Up Day for Fall Pictures
October 11th and 12th: Early Release for mandatory Parent/Teacher conferences
October 17th: Field trip to Apple Orchard
November 27th: PE Bowling Trip (12:00 to 2:00)

Headphones: Please send a pair of headphones to school with your child. They will be using them for Literacy and Math centers.

Folders: Check your child's folder daily. Be sure to remove any completed work or paperwork so that it does not accumulate over time.

Money: This is just a reminder to put all money in a labeled envelope or bag. 

Ice Cream: Ice cream days will be Friday. This will be our afternoon snack. All students will get ice cream unless I am notified via email or letter.

Library: We will have Library every Friday. Please make sure that the book stays in your child's backpack just like last year. Take it out to read it and then put it back. That way it is always there and can be collected on the appropriate day.

Happy Learning!

Love, Mrs. Loy